7 Effective Green Laundry Tips


Although doing the laundry might sound like being an unexciting routine, this activity has a much bigger impact on the planet earth than one can ever imagine. Do not get started; you are reading it right. When it comes to the point of washing clothes, then you can make ample of small yet effective modifications that will not only help you to save your resources and time but also benefit the nature. Inculcating such green habits in your laundry activity is called as the culture of green laundry. By doing so, you will surely leave a greener footprint on the earth and hence do your bit for the go green campaign.

Here are some the most efficient laundry tips or the green laundry tips as they are popularly known as; read on to know more:

Use hand washing Techniques

This is quite obvious to comprehend. The more you stick to the conventional methods of washing your clothes manually, the better it would be for nature. Use of washing machines draws a lot of power and energy. The rapid decrease in natural energy sources is a cause for concern. So even a little change in your daily lifestyle could contribute to a great extent to nature’s cause. Using this hand washing or the manual washing of clothes is the center of the concept of green laundry. Washing by hand can sound like a tiring and time-consuming job, but it is not so. There are various tools you can use to accomplish this. Pedal washers are available these days. You can get them, and this would mean washing and exercising at the same time!

Make you green laundry detergent

Don’t get startled when you read this. You can certainly make your detergents at home. This is probably the most efficient green laundry tip you would ever receive. Making detergents at home does not require any master skill set nor does it demand any magical chemical compound to be added. Simple and readily available ingredients are all that you need when you think of making laundry detergents. You can look up to the internet to know more about these detergents and how you can make green laundry detergents at home. The biggest advantage that you hold in this is of the fact that you can always customize your detergent by adding new flavors and oils to give it a desired fragrance. This will help you lead a greener life by setting the example for others.

Select Concentrated Detergents Only

If you think that making your detergent could be a tough task to handle, then you can, at least, pledge to use only concentrated detergents. The next green laundry method is to use these concentrated detergents as they leave behind a smaller carbon footprint and hence are more eco-friendly. They require less space to be manufactured and can be shipped easily. Because of this, it reduces the transportation expenses and subsequently the fuels. This indirect relation is a very vital key to developing a greener tomorrow. The big marketing giants like the Wal-mart have started selling only concentrated detergents now. This in itself shows their concern for nature. Everyone must take a leaf from their book.

Choose Green Laundry Detergents

The usual and the conventional detergents often have some ingredients like phosphates which can cause problems to the water bodies once they are drained off from the households. This possesses a great threat to the aquatic ecosystem. The presence of phosphates has a direct impact on these ecosystems as they result in algal blooms in the marine and the aquatic life. This is never a desired scenario. So when you are out shopping for your detergent, make sure you choose a green laundry detergent. Look at the labels and ensure that the detergent is not petroleum based product and is a vegetable based product. Moreover, it should be phosphate free detergent. In addition to this, you should ensure that they have the green logo in it which says the detergent is a biodegradable one!

Use Line Drying

We all know that the world is modernizing. But this does not mean that the conventional methods are bad enough. You should simply do away with your clothe dryers. These dryers consume a lot of electricity that is never a pleasant situation. You can always bank upon the conventional line drying method to dry your clothes. It is a green laundry method that is certainly having an endless future. If the sun is ready to dry up clothes for you, why would you refrain from using this solar power? So say no to the dryers and an adapt line is drying methods!

Use Your Iron Wisely

Another electronic good that uses up quite some energy is the iron. You should be wise enough to know when to use your iron and when not to use. Green laundry tip would suggest you not to use iron now and then. It is noticed that some people are simply too obsessed with ironing their clothes. You should look carefully at your clothes, be prudent enough to decide whether it needs ironing or you are simply ironing it because you are used to this habit. Using iron only when you need it is the best way for green laundry practitioners. This will help you save on your bills too!

Why don’t you wear it more than once?

Some people have a habit of wearing a cloth once and then keeping it out to wash. This would mean that every time they wear a particular cloth, they will require a machine washing after it. So a good green laundry solution to this would be to wear the same clothe more than just once. Everyone knows that no cloth gets dirty by a single time usage. If your cloth gets stained due to some reason, then it is perfectly fine to wash it. But in all other cases, a good and a sensible decision is always to wear them more than just once.

Stick and adhere to these green laundry tips and lead a greener life.

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