7 Reasons to Go Green!


Probably you have noticed that green is almost everywhere – in the politics, fashion, news and even technology. You can easily find it on the internet; there is also a channel named Planet Green TV Network in which you can watch 24 hours of the eco-friendly environment in a day. That is all great but with millions of ideas and messages coming to us from all of the sides, it can be easy to switch food from now – organic to organic foods, recycling, turning down the thermostat, say – how your actions pile up without thinking about the big picture. Worse, you could even be in suffering from green fatigue – that is turning out new messages because of their pervasiveness.
What you need to know that, everything you do has an impact on this planet – good or bad but the good news is that you have the power to control all your choices. Switching to a green lifestyle is not just mean that saving earth but it also means to improve your health, plus you can save animals too. I do not know why would not anyone want to go green? Here are top seven reasons that you should go green:-


We usually use electricity to power our computers, televisions and lights but do you know what happens before flipping the switch? Our electricity has to come from somewhere, right? More than half of the America’s electricity comes from coal – burning power plants, but it is also the largest source of air pollution in the country. If you generate your power, you will contribute to the collective capacity of ours, for generating more power ( which is clean, obviously) from solar, wind and other sources. In this way, you will help to decrease demand of energy from the polluting sources.


Whenever you choose to ride a cycle, take public transportation or walk, you will help to reduce the carbon dioxide and particulate issuance, which are produced by driving a gas or diesel – powered car. In this way, you will help to slow global warming. Choosing greener options like travelling in the train rather than travelling in the air for longer distance trips could reduce the footprint of carbon.


When you throw anything, it doesn’t mean that it will go away, well, yes, it will go away from YOU, I mean it has to go somewhere, right? Nothing is ever “thrown away”. If we recycle and reuse, we will help to reduce the amount of wastes that sit in landfills ( where often biodegradable products cannot break due to lack of sunlight and oxygen). Recycling materials save energy as compared to using other virgin products to create other new products.


Perhaps, clean water is the most precious resource on the earth. For many regions of the world, with global climate change’s increasing effects, we are less likely to have the high quality of water in future. If you are water conscious, then it will not only help to reduce the strain on municipal treatment systems but also will also make sure that there is enough water to go around. If you shifts away from bottled water, you could reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, this energy is required to produce plastic and the wastes trucked to landfills.


If you opt for ethical and green goods, you are supporting global and local communities and craftsmen. There was a time when people would not think twice before buying those chemical products like cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals and ingredients, to wipe down toilets, floors and kitchen, laundry, wash dishes and much more. It was quite effective as it made things in your home shine and it didn’t matter to you if it has toxic chemicals. Those harmful products have very negative impact on us. According to experts, there is an average of 62 toxic chemicals lurking in your home. So if you still use those chemical products, then it is time now for thinking about making a switch. You can use natural cleaning products with ingredients such as citrus oil, beeswax, coconut oil, baking soda and essential oils. These products are not only good for your health but also they are eco – friendly.


Well everything that you own – your clothing, furniture, cold drink cans, all of them comes from somewhere, right? And every object in the world has some environmental impact. You must know that nothing that you own comes from the local store. If you want to help in saving a good environment, then you must choose goods,  made from greener materials like sustainably harvested woods, re – purposed or recycled materials, organic cotton, etc. If you make a right choice, then you will contribute to protecting habitats, forests, biodiversity and clean water. Buying second-hand stuff and less stuff will also help to achieve the goal.


If you do not know so let me tell you one thing that making clothing involves quite a large amount of energy, labor and materials including the pesticides that are used to grow crops for textile, the water and dyes that are used to color them and under situations in which labors work. By opting eco – friendly clothing such as buying organic clothes over the conventional clothes, one of the most chemically dependent crops in the world, you also choose a better product that is easier on the groundwater and soil. By using eco-friendly detergents, cold water in the washing machine can reduce the impact on our wardrobe. The wearing second-hand style also helps to divert traffic to landfills.
With these simple tips, you can opt to be green and contribute to making our future our better and a good place to live in. By switching to the greener lifestyle, you will not only save your future but also improve the quality of your life.

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