About Us

The earth is a masterpiece in itself with nature having adorned it with jewels so precious that since eons, artists have tried to capture it all in their art. Paintings, literature and poetry describe the beauty, the beauty that we are destroying systematically. Treasure once lost is lost forever or is it? The same glory can be restored, for earth is not so mean as to take it all away from us. The way and the only way is Green life, green living and green everything.

This is the one platform where we do not just talk about green life we express it explicitly by showing innovative ways to do it in our daily life. The authors are not staunch environmentalists, we are a group of youngsters who are aware of the problem and are ready to face them. We search and research and share it with you the best ways to get the earth back the way it was, an earthuntouched!

Join us in this effort by sharing your views and ideas to live green and healthy life.