Did The Big Bang Really Happen?


Sometimes we wonder, where did we come from?

This is probably the oldest question asked since the dawn of human existence and everyone must have thought about this at least once in their lives, be it poets, scientists or people living on daily wages. Scientists think that the dawn of existence was 14 billion years ago due to a phenomenon known as the Big Bang. But how do we concur something like that, something that happened so long ago. There is evidence for all that, from speeding galaxies and gas clouds in space. There are remnants that tell us stories for those billions of years ago

We look at the sky and see the stars which are within our own galaxy but there are galaxies other than our own which is far, far away from the stars that we see. Those galaxies are moving away from ours at speeds of hundreds of thousands of kilometres in just about a second. This only means one thing, the universe is expanding, and if the universe is expanding at such a pace then it means long ago it was considerably smaller and something must have made it expand, that something is the Big Bang.

The sign that these galaxies are speeding away is that they are redder than they should me, ‘they’ meaning light waves surrounding the galaxies which help us spot them. Light is made up of waves and if they are moving away they seem redder. The faster the movement is the redder the light is.

Another proof is the afterglow captured by the big bang. We can’t see it but telescopes can, not all telescopes but ones used in space stations and by large astronomical observatories. There are various kinds of light making up the afterglow. X-rays and infrared rays being very common and UV lights, radio waves and microwaves are also present with shorter wavelengths than the light that’s visible. The Big Bang must have caused the Universe to be flooded with bright jarring light and as it expanded so did the light. A microwave telescope can easily point out the glow which is known as the Cosmic Wave Background. This Cosmic Wave Background looks the same irrespective of where you are looking at it from, from Earth or from Space. It doesn’t change.

Looking back at a time is possible, well not the “time travel” kind but to see the past, the Universe’s past. If an object is X million light years apart from us we are seeing it as it looked like X million years before this day. Modern day telescopes have immense capabilities and can view objects which are multi-billion light years away from us. CLOSE to when the Big Bang happened. If the Big Bang really did happen than those views that we see billions of light years away would reveal gaseous clouds which have not turned to galaxies or stars. Astronomers have found many gas clouds in the distant Universe. Many of them are over a dozen billion years old and we can spot them right here on earth, there is a technique known as spectroscopy to analyse the passing light through them. These gas clouds are very different from what makes up our modern universe. The modern Universe is made of elements found inside stars. The gas clouds are mostly made up of hydrogen and helium.

But, WHAT caused the Big Bang? This is a question that the best of minds can’t figure out and there are only theories that can answer them, nothing has been written in stone as to prove how the Big Bang may have been caused.

Physicist Nikodem Poplawski came up with a theory that black holes, which suck matter in must have an equal white hole in an alternate reality which creates matter out caused by a Big Bang explosion. So the Universe may have exploded out of a black hole.

Another theory is the Big Bounce Theory that says the universe will slow down sometime and will fail to expand, which will eventually reverse its movement coming inwards, and collapse in an event opposite to the Big Bang, which can be called the Big Crunch and it will eventually explode again with a Big Bang and this cycle will keep repeating similar to the cycle of life and death and rebirth.

A third explanation is ‘Bubbles in a multiverse that may be a parent of our universe’ – also known as the chaotic inflation theory. There exists a parent multiverse according to this theory which our universe is a ‘child’ of and it is said that the universe may be born out of the inflationary bubbles of energy which cause Big Bangs and cause more bubbles to be formed.

The final theory that has been stated by Professor Stephen Hawking is that there is no such thing as the Big Bang and it is purely imaginary, the universe came from nothing. It just started existing and that the dawn of time began with the dawn of the universe out of nothingness. We have existed for who knows how many years and yet we do not know how and what we came from exactly but these are theories that explain the possibilities of parallel/multiple universes which may or may not exist, but the Big Bang really did happen if we go by the gas explosion proofs and if we see ourselves without telescopes.

Many belief in the afterlife and many belief that God created, maybe it’s true maybe it isn’t, it is like asking an Atheist to worship God or asking a religious person to explain God’s existence scientifically. This article is a mere explanation of theories and nothing much more, it’s a take on the various theories that seek to explain the Big Bang. You may have your own version of how the universe came into being and please feel free to drop in comments on what you believe in and how you perceive our existence really came into being.

So what theory do you believe?

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