What can we do to Check Global Warming Today


Global warming is indeed a global phenomenon today that needs to be addressed immediately. Global warming is the heating up of the earth’s lower surface due to atmospheric gases that do not let the heat go out into space. These gases are called greenhouse gases. The atmosphere naturally possesses some greenhouse gases but human activities have led to a steep rise in the level of such gases present in the air. There are other human activities as well which lead to this drastic climatic change, like deforestation, excess use of automobiles and several other reasons.

The hazards that global warming lead to are far more than we can imagine. In the short run, we might not be able to gauge the hazardous and harmful effects of global warming but the earth after being heated up for years has started showing the effects. The rise in the sea level, droughts, less rainfall, is all results of global warming. Now, it is quite late and we cannot stop global warming. But the silver lining in the dark cloud is that we can all start taking small steps together to fight the alarming rate at which global warming is increasing day by day. It is true that one individual alone cannot bring about a change. It needs our combined efforts to make a difference. So here are few things we can do in our daily lives to check global warming.

1) We need to stop or, at least, curb the use of automobiles and other vehicles for transportation. While I understand that it is next to impossible to stop the use of automobiles completely, we can, at least, make efforts to reduce the use. With the increase in population, the demand for personal vehicles, too, is increasing proportionally. Now what we can do here is that we can avail public transport while going for school, college or work. Again, some people cannot just travel on public transport. For them, they can make a group of 5-6 who go to the same college or work at the same place and they can go by a single car. This way the earth is saved from the harmful carbon emissions of four other vehicles. Imagine all the citizens of a particular area doing this and just think about the energy that is saved. Again, back home we can opt for bicycles or solar powered vehicles or the ones that run on batteries. The earth is completely safe this way.

2) We all have to wash clothes on a daily basis and dry them up. We use drivers of the washing machines to dry our clothes. This releases high amounts of carbon dioxide in the air. The carbon dioxide traps the heat and infrared emissions from the greenhouse gases and does not let them release into space. So the earth gets heated up. We can use the most traditional way by spreading them on a clothesline under the sun. It might take time, but the clothes dry up without leaving behind a single droplet of water. Also, it is more eco-friendly, undoubtedly.

3) Air conditioners have become a basic necessity nowadays, thanks to the steep rise in the earth’s temperature. We use air conditioners and coolers to escape the heat and high temperatures. But these air conditioners themselves are reasons that lead to global warming as they emit carbon dioxide into the air. The solution to this is cleaning the filters and panels of the ACs regularly. Clean filters save the earth from more than 350 pounds carbon dioxide every year. Now that makes a difference!

4) In this modern world of science and technology, we all keep looking for appliances that can save our time and make lives easier for us. That is cool, but what we should keep in mind while buying appliances is that they should be energy efficient appliances. Go for those appliances that have a star rating of three or more. The more the star rating more is the energy saved. Also, do not go for the ones that have aerosol content. Aerosol leads to global warming in turn.

5) Again, only buying energy efficient appliances won’t suffice. If we cannot use the appliances efficiently, there is no use buying five stars rated appliances even. The common mistake we all do is that we out our laptops, computers or television sets in the ‘Sleep’ mode. That is harmful. We can simply switch them off, whatever appliance we are using; when we do not need it. This not only saves the atmosphere from the harmful radiations but also increases the battery life of the computer or laptop.

6) Going organic is a great way to save our atmosphere from the radiations and emissions of the food processing units. The food processing units emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in great amount. Eating organic foods is not only good for the atmosphere but also for the health. Nowadays, organic foods and other organic products are available everywhere.

7) Stop deforestation and start planting new trees. Nothing can beat the goodness of a plant in keeping us as well as the atmosphere healthy. Trees, as we know, are natural absorbers of carbon dioxide. The more trees we plant, the lesser carbon dioxide the atmosphere is subject to. Deforestation not only leads to greater amounts of carbon dioxide in the air, but it also leads to soil erosion, many wild animals lose their habitats and that affects the ecological balance.

8) Cooking in wrong ways leads to global warming in its way. So while cooking, we have to prepare properly so as to stop emissions of carbon dioxide in the air. The very simple steps that we can take are covering the pan with a lid so that the food cooks faster and the energy is saved as well. Also, we should turn off the gas when we are not using it.

These few small steps might not show immediate results, but that should not deter us from saving our environment. Watch out this space for the harmful effects that can be caused by global warming.



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