How Can We Reduce Pollution?


Pollution, pollution everywhere. Pollution has become a part and parcel of our lives. Every day the air that we breathe in, the food that we eat, the water that we drink, the land that we walk on and plant trees on, all of them are polluted. Human activities have become so extremely harmful, that they are affecting the entire environment. The quality of the air, water, food, soil, etc. is degrading due to such activities of ours. There are so many kinds of pollutions around us- air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, ocean contamination, noise pollution and so many other kinds of pollution. It at times becomes impossible for us to decide that where should we start from.

We all are trying to promote green living nowadays. Schools, offices, colleges, NGOs and other such similar institutions are taking up pledges and projects to make the earth a better place. But what exactly is ‘green living?’. Green living does not just mean planting more and more trees everywhere. Green living is a healthier form of living our lives, where we try to minimize the pollution and contamination we create, where we eat healthily and live even healthier. Green living is more a state of mind, a determination to achieve the goals of combating pollutions in the world some day.

But again, we cannot achieve the goals of green living and reduce pollution just by taking up projects or signing papers. We have to do something about it as well. Reducing any form of pollution does not take many pains. We just have to bring about very small changes in our daily lifestyles, and that’s where the difference sets in. Let us discuss how we can reduce pollution.

Air Pollution

  • We have to keep a check on the number of vehicles and automobiles we are using. Most of us have our personal vehicles, which we use to drive to school or work. That increases the air pollution with the harmful carbon emissions from the cars. What we can do is that we can avail public transport to school or work. That way a lot lesser vehicles will be used on a daily basis, and it will contribute towards the reduction of air pollution.
  •  For those who find it difficult to avail public transport, they can find five-six people from their school or work place who live in and around the same region as theirs, and they all can go by the same car. That way, one does not have to face the crowd and discomfort of public transport and also save the environment from the harmful greenhouse gases.
  • We have to plant more and more trees at a rate higher than which trees are being cut down. Plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide for their photosynthesis and hence saves our atmosphere from the harmful greenhouse gas that causes global warming.
  • We should build industries and factories much, much away from the city, at a place where there are no inhabitants in and around. The smoke and other emissions coming out from the industries do not reach the main city, and we can breathe in fresh air.

Water pollution

  • We have to stop the habit of throwing off wastes in water bodies. That contaminates the water and poses a serious threat to the quality of the water. We should start using proper waste bins or dustbins to dispose of our wastes.
  • We have to use water wisely. We should not leave the tap running when we are not using it. This way we can reduce the amount of dirty water that comes from homes daily.
  • One very important thing we should keep in mind is that medical wastes like used syringes, expired medicines, etc. are very hazardous to every form of life. So we dispose of them in water bodies. This habit needs to be stopped. We cannot harm the marine animals because of our benefits.
  • There are so many laws existing that work towards safeguarding the rivers, streams, seas, oceans and other water bodies in a country. We just have to abide by all the rules laid down by law. Just doing this much on our side can make a big difference and help in reducing the water pollution.

Soil Pollution

  • The first and foremost step we should take towards conserving soil is to stop deforestation and start planting as many trees as we can. Trees hold together the soil. In the absence of trees, the soil gets washed away during surface run offs. So to stop soil pollution, we have to start planting trees today.
  • The use of pesticides and chemicals for agricultural purposes degrades the land and often leads to desertification of the lands in a few years. That land is then not suitable for agriculture anymore. So this use of pesticides has to be stopped to restore the soil.
  • Avoid using plastic items. Plastic cannot decompose and hence it degrades the soil where it is disposed. We have to look for better and greener alternatives to plastic, like cloth bags and jute bags.

Noise Pollution

Frankly speaking, there are no solutions for noise pollution, unlike all the other forms of pollution.

  • Planting trees and bushes is a great way to combat noise pollution. The sound waves get lost in dense bushes and shrubs.
  • We should listen to music or watch television at a moderate volume such that we do not have trouble hearing what’s going on and even people around us do not face trouble because of loud music.
  • Loudspeakers should be prohibited in places that are densely populated. Loudspeakers that too at top volume, cause a headache, stress, disturbance in sleeping patterns, heart problems in older people and so many other problems.

See, how easy it is to stop or, at least, reduce the various forms of pollutions. We just have to be very determined and be honest to our environment. Only then we can deal with the rising concern of pollutions across the world.



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