How to choose Eco-friendly restaurant

You would like to green in every possible way right? Next time when you dine out choose an eco-friendly restaurant. These days every restaurant aims to get a LEED certificate which is awarded to the restaurant which have interiors which have minimum impact on the nature. But usually it is hard for a restaurant to get it because a green restaurant association has many criteria’s for awarding on to restaurants. Though many restaurants don’t do it manually, they just do it to attract eco-friendly minded customers. Here are a few clues that will help you determine whether a restaurant is eco-friendly:

Nature friendly décor

One of the most evident signs that a restaurant is green is its interiors and décor. An eco-friendly restaurant will be constructed with nature friendly materials. In such a place, furnishing and decors will be reused and natural materials. Attractive interiors and furniture can be made from recycled wood and also they will add to the beauty of the establishment.

Effective waste management

Nature friendly restaurants will definitely aim in reducing waste output, do recycling more, compost remaining food waste and increase the usage of repurposed items. The true eco-friendly restaurants will definitely have a zero-waste facility. The restaurant is one place where garbage is produced on a daily basis, so environment friendly restaurants should have a proper waste management system.

Sustainable eating

Environment friendly restaurants aims in serving foods that fund to sustainable processes. Those who are following green living are growing their own vegetables or they support local farmers who do organic farming. Eco-friendly restaurants will serve organic and clean vegetarian foods. By the use of organic ingredients, the amount of chemicals that get inside our bodies will be reduced. In those places, dairy and meat would be supplied from animals which are not hormone injected.

Water conservation

There is a limit of water a restaurant should use per year. Every eco-friendly restaurant will promote water conservation and efficient usage. By analyzing restrooms, landscaping priorities, and kitchen, one may be able to compute the efficiency of water reuse, low flow rate of toilets and sinks.

Will serve water only on request

I saw this while visiting an eco-friendly restaurant, they only serve the water as per customer request. Now it is a common practice for the hotel servers to ask the customers whether they need drinking water. There is no point in wasting water and dishwashing energy to wash the glasses by serving the water if it’s of no use. If you are thirsty, ask for only one glass of water, don’t entertain the practice of pouring water into every glass which is kept on the table.

Find local farm items listed in the menu

If the restaurant is associated with any local farms, they would definitely be happy to share the news. So you would find the information in their brochure or on their website. Association with local farm is a good sign that shows they are truly eco-friendly. In local farms, the farmers will not normally use more pesticides and chemicals on food as others farmers in industrial area does. If they are working with local farmers, there isn’t any need of transporting the food and this will also reduce the amount of chemicals used in the food. If you see any special ingredients from a local farm, you should order them since they will be less harmful for our body.

Usage of recyclable containers

Eco-friendly restaurants will promote the usage of recyclable and eco-friendly containers and dishes. I have seen restaurants that use bamboo plates and containers. It is already known that cooking with bamboo or naturally made containers will add to the taste of the cooked food. Restaurants which use biodegradable containers shows that they really care about the nature by adopting these measures. If you have any leftovers, bring your own bag from home to take the extra food instead of using the plastic bags from the restaurants.

The building will be LEED-certified

When you visit the restaurant check for the LEED certified stick somewhere around the place. For a restaurant to earn this certificate they have to use eco-friendly building materials for the construction. The infrastructure, interior design, furniture and everything should be non- harmful to the nature. A building must contain eco-friendly furniture and design and also they should be working in a sustainable way by following an energy and water saving routine to minimize overall energy used and the waste produced in the restaurant daily. You can also minimize your own carbon footprint contributed to the environment by making small changes in your routine by choose to walk or use public transportation instead of using car to visit your nearby restaurant.

Usage of tablecloth and napkins

Table clothes and table linen not only makes the restaurant look like more upscale, they are less wasteful when compared to paper napkins and table clothes. We will never know whether the restaurant follows a green laundry method to clean these clothes and napkins, but we can be sure that they are less harmful and they don’t add to the pile of waste accumulated daily in the restaurant. If the restaurant is using paper tissues, try to use as few as possible to reduce the waste of paper.

Will have a green restroom

A green restaurant would definitely extend its green practice when it comes to restroom. The rooms will contain dual flush toilets, energy saving hand dryers, eco-friendly hand lotions for natural manufactures. These are the signs of the care that management put forward to make the environment a better place to live. You can also contribute to support the efforts made from their side by turning off the water after your use to reduce the water usage. Also take a little amount of hand lotion instead of taking extra amount to wash your hands, by this you can also reduce the water usage.

Eco-friendly restaurants will use organic ingredients to prepare food, so you should show your appreciation towards their organic effort for a greener environment. If you find difficulties in finding an eco-friendly restaurant, check with the green association in your place. Make a better choice today for a better tomorrow!