Diy: Environment Friendly Gifts Ideas


“Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend.” – Marian Anderson

We all love to celebrate, and this is evident with the fact that we have as many as festive holidays in a year. Be it the grand festivals celebrated all across our country like Diwali and Holi, or the festivals celebrated across the globe like Christmas Eve, Valentines Day, New Year Eve or be it the special occasions about daily lives like birthdays, anniversaries and many more, all celebrations mean gifts.

Gifts were a gesture to show gratitude, love or respect by gifting an article to someone. With time, occasions and gifts have also evolved, and now people use a variety of gifts to express love and gratitude. A study shows that an average person with adequate resources in hand buys hundreds of gifts in his/her lifespan. This indicates that since our childhood till our old age, we all buy gifts, receive gifts and also value them in dearest manners.

The list of gifts varies according to occasions, age groups, financial situation and other personal reasons. This flexibility allows one to choose their gift from a range of gift items. The gift item market is also on a rise these days. Online and offline gift shops are swarmed by customers in the festive season.

Ever thought of that what if we use this festive season and our money to buy something that is environment-friendly? Gifts that promote green living? Gifts those are valued for their feeling and creativity and not for their price tags?

Gifts are liked by all and accepted by everyone. Here are the easiest and simplest tricks that you can use your own and create such rememberable gifts that will be cherished forever. Not only are these gifts ideas easy and creative but also save on your pockets and are completely eco-friendly. No need to wait anymore and think of what to buy at a gift shop. Instead, create your gift and gift happiness and love along with donations.

  • Flowers and bouquets are considered the best formal as well as free gifts. They suggest friendliness and love. But why only flowers? Why not gift someone a potted-plant, so they may nourish it and garden it? Unlike a bouquet, a potted plant would not die up so early, and it will increase the number of plants, which is a necessary step for promoting green living.
  • Creative cards are also other gifting options that are interesting and require proper creative bent of mind. Instead of gifting ready-made cards, why not gift a handmade and hand written card. This makes the card more special, save paper and also is cost effective.
  • Simple cards can be done at home. But to make it more creative and eco-friendly, use scrap paper and other waste articles to make a beautiful card. Paper Mache can be done with waste newspapers and some glue, and then by adding some fresh paper cut-outs, using some beads and colors one can easily make a green card.
  • Handmade or recycled paper can be further used to make other articles as well. Like you can mold the recycled paper into the shape of a toy, or make an interesting photo frame with it. Rolled recycled paper can be converted into a basket, which can be colored and used as pen-stand or jewelry box sort of thing.
  • Another way to use recycled paper is to use it as wrapping paper. This is creative and economical. Buy your gifts and wrap them with your love and handmade wrapping papers that you can design artistically.
  • LED Lights and Lamps are also a famous and creative gift item. Along with bringing light into someone’s life, you are also spreading the message of using power-saving and electricity efficient lamps.
  • By gifting items that are used up, one ensures green living.
  • Food hampers are also a good gifting option for someone you know well. If you know what cookies, cakes or muffins your friends like, you can bake these at home and present them. Nothing tastes better than homemade food. Also not to forget, this option will be more hygienic, affectionate and cost effective as you will save yourself from the expenses of buying the product as well the expense of going to purchase the product.
  • Another exciting gift option would be to knit or sew something adorable for your dear and near ones. This might sound uncomfortable, but it is sweet to receive a hand sewn sweater or a hand embroidered handkerchief. You can embroider or knit initials of the person to whom you are going to gift.
  • Books. The trend of reading books and novellas is on the rise today. Gifting a book ensures that you are taking care that paper is not wasted and as they say, whenever a book is made, a tree smiles with a thought that there is life after death. Use the good feeling behind the making of a book as a gesture of care and love.
  • Use your junk metal pieces to make a wind chime and add up some craft items to make it look beautiful as well.
  • This might sound absurd to many, but this is the most cost effective option of all. If the person whom you wish to gift something is living at some significant distance, then instead of packaging and sending them gifts or driving to their place, try to send some e-gift. Yes, it might not equate to one’s meeting someone in person versus gifting something virtually, but this would be a great help in saving money and yet being a part of their special day by gifting something memorable.

These are just some of the options. People with creative talents can always use these ideas and develop them into even better articles.

Also, one must never judge a gift by its appearance or price tag. Always venture for the feelings, emotions and the intention behind the gift you receive. And also, when you gift someone, do keep in mind that buying a gift from a store will be special, but it isn’t a special gift in comparison to making a gift yourself.

This festive season, be a smart consumer. Choose your gifts wisely. Instead of accumulating waste, use the best out of your waste. Recycle, Reuse, and Repair. Do not waste any resources, reuse them and save for the future generations. Instead of being a spendthrift, use money wisely and buy products that are the necessity. And as far as gifts are concerned, gift something that the other person will use it and cherish it.

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