DIY: Ways to save environment now


The urgency to adopt green living and save the environment is something that is much talked about today. But with the urgent need, we all need to focus on what includes green living and how we can put ideas into practice. To start at an individual level, we all have to think of the environment and our duty towards it. Here is an easy guide to developing a conscious understanding of how to save the environment.

The whole debate on what is degrading environment today is limited to our conversations, social media types, but on a practical level, nothing effective has been done yet. There is a lot that has to start at the individual level, at homes, in schools, in offices, and in the local environment. What we lack in is the fact that we are forgetting our roles as individuals and are focusing on what the government or the authorities are doing. To save the environment, it is necessary that each of the citizens become well aware of his / her obligations towards nature and contribute maximally to save the same.

The first step is something very basic that has been taught to us in our primary schools. This step involves our basic understanding of why do we need to save or conserve the nature today. We are very well aware of the various threats to the environment and us humans are contributing to it in some way or the other. So, let us go back to our primary class lessons and develop an attitude to recycling whatever possible and in a way that is energy efficient. For example, an individual can dump the garbage in two separate bins of degradable and not – biodegradable waste, and send the now – biodegradable waste to recycling plants. The same will help in reducing the amount of waste generated and also the recycled products can be used by the consumers again.

Another option that we are aware but seldom use is of reusing products that we often regard as waste. For example, the waste paper and the waste bottles can be used in many creative ways. Through this, an example can be set for our future generation to benefit from making the use of best out of waste.

The third step can be of reducing the use of natural resources, for example, coal, petroleum, gas, and we have to control our consumption and not exert such a pressure on the environment that we disturb the whole balance of nature. By reducing our consumption of the electricity and water, we can help in the sustainable development of the human kind.

Each of the individuals use different transport vehicles to reach their destination, thus, through using public transits the people will not only help in reducing the chances of traffic congestion but will also contribute to reducing the air pollution and saving the petrol. Thus, an individual rather than using his or her personal automobile must use metro rails, buses, taxis, or autos.

Starting from the living room to workplaces, an individual must try to save energy by switching off the unnecessary turned on fans and lights. India already faces a challenge of energy and electricity shortage thus it will be highly beneficial if each of the individuals attempt to save the wastage of electricity.

Water is undoubtedly a scarce and essential element; thus, it becomes necessary to save the same. Many of the geologists argue that water being the most important element of living, it is necessary that people start using water in an adequate manner. The people must try to save the water as much as they can and help in saving the environment. The people can also conserve water through implementing rainwater harvesting. Rain harvesting is a combination of traditional and modern approach; wherein a mechanism is used to collect rainwater, and the same is used for daily purposes. Moreover, water can be conserved through taking some simple steps, including cook water in as little water as possible, close the tap when water is not being used and taking five-minute showers rather than taking baths.

Many governmental and not – governmental agencies have been working hard towards conserving the forest, however, the same seems to fail without the help of citizens. Thus, it is necessary that each of the citizens become well aware of the significance of plantation. It is a well-known fact that if each plant a single tree on every special occasion, the planet will become much greener and the environment will be automatically saved. The plantation is likely to help in reducing the level of greenhouse gasses and minimizing the negative effect of air pollution.

Authorities have outlined numerous plans and programs to help in saving the environment. Through integrating and being well aware of these programs, the people can minimize the efforts of authorities and effectively help in attaining maximal benefits. The government can just frame policies; it is the responsibility of each and every citizen that he, she collate with the same, and male these programs highly successful.

The concept of being smart consumers is not new; the same involves the consumption and use of products that have longevity and are energy efficient. Many of the environment experts believe that through only through buying environmentally friendly products, the efforts toward saving environment can be easily achieved. However, the companies themselves have been trying to advertise their products as the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly one; it is the responsibility of people that they recognize the best out of them and hence, help in saving environment maximally.

Being aware of the disadvantages and benefits of the daily practices is one of the easiest ways through which each of the citizens can help the humankind in sustainable development. Each of the citizens must try to be well aware of the programs and policies that the government has outlined so that the same can be worked upon and adequately executed. Moreover, the well aware citizens can make other aware as well.

It is evident that there are numerous ways through which an individual can greatly help in saving the environment; however, the same requires a high level of awareness and determination.

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