Are You Eco-Friendly?


Nature is in dire need of help, and it needs help to set itself from our strangles of humankind. Yes, we are the beneficiaries of nature and also the destroyers. Since the beginning of time, we have been making use of all the assets provided to us by nature be it the seasons, the clean air, rich soils, good atmosphere, rocks and minerals, flora and fauna and the like. But in return for favors of nature all, we have done to destroy it. This statement might sound harsh but even the natural disasters like the floods and landslides that happen these days are too some extent are triggered by human actions.

We have been blinded by our thirst to plunge all resources and use it to our maximum benefits. But this blind thirst and greed are leading the human civilization to its very sad and difficult end where there will be such a time when there will be no resources left. People who are concerned about Nature and the future of our Planet are doing many types of research and work in the field of an environment, but all their work cannot save the environment. The government is passing several rules and regulations regarding the environment, but that will not be able to save the environment. What is needed is action, a positive action in this direction that is radical and capable of bringing some good amount of change. No matter how small your contribution seem at an individual level, but it has to happen and will ultimately bring out a significant change.

The easiest and the best way to save and conserve nature begins at home and that too with a check on how are our daily practices affecting nature. So here is a simple questionnaire with answers and help guides to check “are you eco-friendly?” and if not then how can you become one?

The simplest question of all that is, do you follow the 3R? Recycle-Reduce-Reuse. If yes then how often? Try and use them as often as you can and also make it a point to encourage others to follow the same especially your family members, neighbors, and relatives. And if not, then try following the 3R’s. These are the simplest approach to start with. By sending non-biodegradable materials to recycling plants, reducing electricity, fuel, and water consumption and reusing all possible things in a creative way offers one a very new and eco-friendly approach to living.

The second step to check are you eco-friendly or not is to check your current location. Are you sitting in a place that is eco-friendly? Do you have nature nearby in the form of some plants or pets? If not, then try adding up some nature to your mechanized life as nature helps in freshening up.

Check whether all the electrical appliances that are turned on right now at the present moment are they all required? Is there any unnecessary wastage of electricity? If yes, make a point to go and switch off the electrical appliances that are not being currently used be it a mobile phone charger, a printer, or a laptop.

Are you using car and room AC’s and heaters without knowing the outside weather? It is normal to use these in utter moments of need, but when the weather is pleasant then these can be turned off, car’s windows can be pulled down, and home’s windows can be opened so that one enjoys the fresh air.

Do you hear any leaking taps? Do you leave the taps opened? If yes, then this is something you need to stop at once and come to terms with the fact that you live in a country where people die daily due to the scarcity of water. Water is not worth to be wasted. Fix all the leaking taps use water judiciously and take special care to close the taps and showers tightly before you leave washrooms.

We all use paper in some way or the other daily. Have you ever saved paper in some way? Do you write a line and then dispose of the whole plain sheet unconsciously? If yes, then you have to stop this right now. The paper is made out of trees that are the backbone of our ecological system. We are fighting to conserve trees and avoid deforestation, but if we are wasting paper, then our fights are of no use. The paper should be used judiciously. Use both sides of the paper wherever and whenever possible. Also, we all are aware of how to recycle paper at home, and we must use it and our creativity to make some interesting handmade recycled paper.

Do you use private transport? Are you sick of traffic jams, pollution and hike in fuel prices? If yes, then it is our time to shift to public transport. Public transport help one save fuel, energy, money and reduces traffic. Also, the money gained through public transport goes to the government that in turn comes back to the public in forms of facilities. And if there is no chance for you to switch from private to public transport then pool your car. It saves energy, reduces traffic and is cost-effective as well.

Now a simple and strictly Indian advice. We Indians celebrate Diwali with great joy and splendor, and this is the time when we go for shopping for almost everything. Be a smart consumer. Buy things but try and reuse the old ones as well. If they are not required by you anymore, then sell them off at a cheaper price to someone in need. One can always donate old clothes and articles to some poor children or some NGO. By this, you are not directly benefiting the environment but yes you are working for the sustainable development of the society that in turn is a moral concern that we all need to develop. Try not to waste too much money on firecrackers and contribute to sound and noise pollution. Light up your homes with lights that use less amount of electricity and save as much as you can.

This saving is not only for the individual’s benefit but will benefit the environment on the whole. Check yourself today and improve on are you eco-friendly?

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