Effective Tips for a Green Kitchen


No matter where you live or what you do, you always tend to give some special care to the kitchen of the house; and why wouldn’t you anyway? The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any household. But have you ever wondered that you can contribute to a greener planet through an efficient green kitchen? Yes, you read it right. The go green campaigns are on the rise, and the go green lifestyle is being adapted in every sphere of life; be it transportation or be it renovating the kitchen. Yes, you read it right. The go green campaign has hit the kitchen arena as well. Although kitchen remodeling is never an easy job, many people across the globe have already taken the initiative towards making their kitchen green. You might wonder how do they do this? Well, the answer lies in doings small things efficiently. Here is a list of most effective and efficient tips to make your kitchen a “green kitchen”!

Buy Long Lasting Goods

Whenever you buy some stuff for your kitchens like the cookware or the utensils, you should make sure that you buy long lasting products. Although the ceramic utensils are coming up on the market, they do have some drawbacks. These ceramics often come with a risk of being broken. Once they are broken, you simply can’t do much with such ceramics. So use the conventional stainless steel utensils. These might make some noise but at the end of the day they have a longer life and a better durability. Buying plastic or low-quality wooden utensils will not be of much use either as they often get deteriorated with time. Moreover, you can always buy cloth towels to wipe up stuff in the kitchen. Using paper is never a good idea. Go green and build a green kitchen by switching over to cloth towels.

Let your Appliances live longer

The world is modernizing at a rapid rate, and new products are coming in the market with each passing day. It is a common sight to see people buy kitchen appliances and then replacing them as soon as they see a new product coming on the market. So where does the old product go away? It simply goes to scrap. But if you want to have a green kitchen, you should wisely choose which product to buy and which appliance to choose. Moreover, once you buy some appliance, you should take good care of it and make it work for as long as possible. Minimize the e-waste generation and this will help you make a green kitchen.

Manage the Wastes

The kitchen is often the factory of organic wastes. You should simply not throw away these wastes. You can use the organic wastes for making compost instead. Have a compost farm in your backyard and dump all the organic wastes in there. This will not only give you a healthy backyard garden but also make your garden look greener. Compost gives the good soil fertility and enriches the humus content of the soil. This prevents the soil erosion and a host of other problems. In addition to this, you should always segregate the wastes as wet and dry wastes. Mixing up of dry and wet waste makes the wastes unproductive. If you mix up the dry waste like plastic with wet organic wastes, then the plastics might release toxins in the wastes and hence make them of no use for even composting purposes.

Buy in bulk!

When you have to buy utilities for your kitchen, you must often choose to buy in bulk. The only reason one would recommend buy bulking is because, retail packaging would mean more plastic wastes and subsequent harmful effects on the nature. Buying in bulk would mean lesser wastes and also would cut down your efforts to buy again and again. But in cases when you are buying things that you do not use every day, then you should buy retail stuff. Because buying such products in bulk might result in these products being left unused for long and getting expired.

Energy Source: Choose Wisely

When it comes down to choosing between gas stoves or the electric induction cooktops, then you should always make a balanced choice. Both these energy sources have their pros and cons. Hence choosing either of the two wouldn’t be a great deal. In some cases, the induction cooktop is very efficient whereas, in some cases, it is the conventional gas stoves that are effective. So in any case, you should have both in your green kitchen. To be an efficient green kitchen, energy management is important. If you have to cook something that takes a long time, then opt the gas stoves as they consume less energy compared to the induction cookers for longer durations. Induction cookers, when active for longer durations, they often consume a lot of power. But on the other hand, if you have to cook something that takes just a few minutes, then induction cookers are the preferred choice.

Energy ratings

No matter what products or appliances you buy for your kitchen, always ensure that you buy the goods that are star rated. Star rated electronic appliances are energy efficient, and they consume lesser electricity. These appliances will light up your green kitchen and would be the ideal one for you. So don’t refrain from asking the shop retailer about the star ratings before you buy these appliances!

Wash Well

Washing the utensils is also a big key to making a green kitchen. It is often seen that a lot of water is wasted while washing the utensils. In some households, it is a common sight to see the tap kept open while washing the utensils. This is not at all what a green kitchen campaigner would suggest. You should keep the taps turned off when they are not in use. Moreover, in any case, special care must be taken to ensure that not much of the water is being wasted. An alternative in the form dishwashers is now available in the market. These dishwashers use very less water and are very optimum in their functioning. So you can always look up to such innovations on the net and choose the same if needed. Make your kitchen green!

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