Effective Ways to Quit Smoking


One of the worst addictions that one could have in their life is the addiction to tobacco, especially in the form of smoking cigarettes. It is not an unknown or uncommon fact to see some serious health warnings on the packs of cigarettes. Despite of such warnings, the number of smokers does not seem to go down nor do these warning bother the smokers one bit. For the ones who understand the risks of smoking, quitting smoking is probably the toughest nut to crack. So the big question that most people would ask is what is the remedy for all this? How can one stop smoking? Is there a way to quit smoking? What are the steps for the same? Read on to know the most effective tips to quit smoking!

Know what is the need?

The most basic or the initial step that one needs to take before planning a ‘no smoking’ routine is to identify the reasons why they want to quit smoking. The reasons may differ from person to person. Some people might want to quit smoking because they don’t like the warnings on the smoke packs; while others may have already started to feel the side effects of smoking and hence wish to make a new start. The reasons could be many. No matter what your reason is, simply write it down and make it a point to see it whenever you get tempted to smoke again.

Chew, chew, and chew!

The best alternative that one could try instead of smoking is keeping their mouth busy. Most of the doctors would recommend the smokers to chew chewing gums for as long as possible. Chewing helps to keep your gums busy and your craving to smoke a couple of cigarettes reduces by about 40%. So this is simply not a bad ploy to work on. More importantly, there are other additional benefits of the same. Chewing makes your gums strong and healthy again. Most people know that smoking can harm your gums as well, so this helps in a remedial manner.

Nicotine Therapy

This is somewhat linked to the previous point. Nicotine therapy is a well-known therapy used by the people across the globe to quit smoking. Most of the times, it is the desire and craving of taking just one last puff of smoke but these shortcomings could be minimized by nicotine therapy. Nicotine gums and lozenges are very effective indeed!

The drink factor

It is not only the smokers which make your smoking desire go wilder but also the drinks that you take along with it. If you wish to quit smoking and quit it in a comprehensive way, you should make sure that that you choose your drinks properly. Colas, sodas and alcoholic drinks not just make your celebration complete when it comes to smoking heavily but also makes the taste of the cigarettes much better. Moreover, most of the times it is seen that the moment a person orders a drink or makes a drink for himself, a desire to have a smoke in hand becomes almost inevitable. So this can be very harmful in the longer run. Hence, the people should work towards their drinking habits and be wise enough to choose the right drinks!

A man is known by the company he keeps

Yes, this adage is true in every sense of the phrase. If you wish to quit smoking and the people around you are not supportive enough and also the atmosphere around is not favorable, then no matter how hard you try, you will end up on the wrong side of your “no smoking” regime. So whenever one plans to quit smoking, it is of utmost importance to make sure that you end up being in good company thereafter. Most of the times it is that one offer made by your smoking colleague that could hamper all your efforts to quit smoking. It is always good to be among the people who refuse smoking. In case you can’t afford to change your peer group, you should learn the art of saying no whenever someone offers you a puff or a smoke. This is the right way to go about things for a person who is willing to quit smoking!

Managing stress!

Quitting smoking could give you a lot of stress initially. On most of the occasions, your body gets used to the usual dosage of smokes. And when you stop it suddenly, you inner self is bound to feel the heat and that rush of adrenaline will take place which will force you to take a smoke. But being a strong individual, you will refuse to take the smoke. But eventually due to all the mess that would surround you, you will get a headache and some serious stress! So it is very important to have a stress buster in such situations. You should have good music around you. If not, then you can start meditating every day. On a few occasions a proper massage could do a world of good to you and a host of other things will surely give you satisfaction and relief from stress.

Have a positive frame of mind and look up to your family!

Lastly, one should remember that the journey to quit addictions is never an easy path. Most of the times, the people start this journey but fail in the midway. This will certainly not help the cause. You should have a positive frame of mind and a firm brain working in your head to make the most out of this opportunity. You should always know who you are living for and look up to your family members. The moment you will see them, you will find a source of inspiration and you would know that if you quit smoking, then there could be ample of other people who would benefit out of it and most importantly, everything around you would be jovial. You will be happy and your family will be happy.

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