Why are Electric Cars not in Use?


The moment we hear about Electric Cars, we start relating it to the term “generation-next”. These cars are hailed as the one stop solution to all the pollution woes and environmental problems.The concept of electric cars is undoubtedly a very promising one, but then there are always a few issues that hold back the people from gelling into this new mode of transport.The idea of empowering or running the vehicles on electricity is not a new one; but startling enough is the fact that these cars have still not managed to gain the popularity as it was proclaimed to gain.

Wondering what could the reasons be for such a pullout? Or perhaps what barriers are the major pullbacks for the electric cars? Read on to know the answers!

They are Expensive

Believe it or not, these electric cars can be very expensive. If you have seen the world market for Tesla Motors, you must be wondering that they can pretty much be the automobile giants of the future. But then, to accomplish this, they will surely have to bring down the prices. Reva cars are very small and compact in size but will cost you a high price. This is the primary reason people think twice before taking electric cars. Despite all the government subsidies working for the electric vehicles, the prices have failed to come down in the market and hence the sales have been low.

Public Charging Stations

Another problem with the electric cars is the non-availability of the charging stations. Imagine a situation wherein you are going for a long drive, and your car battery drains off. You will certainly feel the need to find a charging station. In a case of diesel and petrol cars, this problem doesn’t exist. You can find at least a couple of petrol pumps in every mile. So if a nation wants to have a good circle of electric vehicles to be in use, then they should plan out ways to have multiple charging stations to meet the needs of the users. In addition to that, even if there are charging stations, will you have enough time to wait for the vehicle to get charged theirs? The points to think upon are many.

Not so green!

Even if the world is claiming that the electric cars are very green in nature, they do require some inputs from the fossil fuels. They are not completely dependent on the electricity for their running. This means that they still need those fossil fuels that are already on the verge of getting depleted. Everyone needs to think about the same. The manufacturers are thus supposed to come up with ideas that would require the minimal amount of external fueling or no external fueling at all.

Silent Assassin

This one is a very different kind of reason going against the electric cars. The usual cars, the petrol and diesel cars, are characterized by the noise that they make. This is perhaps one of the reasons for the pedestrians to know that a car is approaching and hence they act wisely on the road. But when it comes to electric cars, then there is no such engine noise, and it is a completely noise free interface. This might mean that the old people, the children and the blind people might face problems as they might never detect an approaching vehicle and hence would always be under an accident threat. Well, aren’t the vehicles now sounding like silent killers or assassins?

There is no backup Power

Whenever people use the conventional petrol or diesel cars, they always have the backup ready. They have the option of carrying some fuel with them for the emergency. But when it comes to electric cars, there is no way to carry this extra backup electricity. There are no means available for this purpose. So imagine yourself driving an electric vehicle at night on a long lonely road. If your battery drains out, you are surely going to freak out. Because being lonely in such situations is quite precarious to say the least.

Replacing Batteries

Another disadvantage that the electric cars are having is their issue of battery replacements. Like every other battery, the car battery in these electric cars needs to be replaced time and again. The lifetime of a battery is approximately 6-7 years. The problem that arises then is that the batteries will cost you quite some amount and then you might end up wondering whether to replace the battery or to get simply a new vehicle for yourself. Cheaper models of vehicles would surely come up which will cost you lesser than the batteries for sure.

Where to dispose?

Even if you take the bold and brave decision of replacing the batteries, you will anyway have to dispose of the old one. It is a known fact that the batteries, when disposed of, can cause a lot of problems and release a lot of toxins in the wastes. So all your good deeds that you would have done to contribute towards greener world by buying an electric car would go in vain as your old batteries would be harming the nature in every possible way!

Electricity Bill

The last reason electric cars are still not popular among the people is the most common reason of all. Owning electric cars would mean that you need to charge them up every time you wish to use them. Even if you think that you would be saving a great deal by cutting on your fuel needs by owning these vehicle cars, you might still end up spending a lot on your car maintenance, if not more. Electric cars consume quite some electricity to get charged. This would mean that your electricity bills would always be on the higher side, and you might pretty well need to cut down your car usage if you wish to reduce your bills. Too complicated isn’t it?

No wonder, why these cars have failed to grab audiences despite being so eco-friendly. Truly a sad story!

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