The End of the World!

It’s been a long time since our planet has witnessed a mass extinction. The End of the Earth, the Doomsday, The Whole Mayan predictions and Nostradamus come to mind when we speak of this topic. It is a very interesting topic to ponder upon; however the gravity of it almost seems to elude us every time.

The first and foremost thing that we recall is the big ruckus around the world regarding 21 December 2012 being the last day that we might all see. Funnily it was just an embarrassment for all those in favour of it, as for the first time The Mayan calendar turned out to be wrong. However all along, the scientists had rubbished such claims as baseless. The entire episode started when people realised the accuracy of the Mayan calendar in predicting ongoing things. From the Great Earthquakes to Accidents, all had a special mention. In such circumstances when that calendar shows the last day, it hints to suspicion. Such was the belief that people had already begun building bunkers and storing food. Some thought it would be solar flares while others a mega flood. Fortunately, it just turned to be just a big hoax, and we lived to see another day.

But the main question to ponder is- Are we heading towards such a day? Where everything as we know it comes to end?
The question I think is already answered, if we just observe around us we realize that things aren’t as they were some centuries back. As we slowly improve the understanding of our planet, we realize that it will soon reach a saturation point- A point where we as human beings would have crossed our limits. It is a rule of the nature that waste should be disposed, and anything extra will meet with the same punishment. This has been proved over the years, Earthquakes, Storms, Floods, Tsunamis all have shown that Nature has the ultimate power over the Earth. As Nostradamus predicted thousands of years ago, the World has to reach that phase when we all are annihilated, and a new beginning starts.
This case of mass extinction is not new to the Earth. Six such cases have already occurred in the wide time span of history of Earth. Every time the world would be deprived of its dominant species, and a balance of power is restored. First it was the mammoths and the dinosaurs. These two give the best example of how such massive restoration can occur. When we see the enormity of the extinction, it might seem to be sudden phenomena. Since if that weren’t the case, survival of the fittest would take over and there would be some residual species. However, it’s not the case. Instead, it was a gradual process and indeed it was the unique survival techniques that helped Human Race to evolve through that phase. The Recent studies show that the difference between the previous ones and the current one is that we are heading at a faster pace. Normally, a complete wipe-out would require at least a 100-500 years, however; we have recently observed extinction at a must faster and dangerous rate. This is bound to continue unless by some miracle we end up on the right side.

The Mayans were the first ones to propose such an idea, and before that Nostradamus. The latter’s unmatchable predictions have been appreciated all over. The decoded versions of his scripts reveal his early predictions of as late as the 9/11 attack and a US president’s assassination. In such circumstances, it was not very far-fetched for people to believe in his prophecy. He predicted a similar end to the world as we know it.
The Mayans were one of the most prominent dynasties of the human race to have ever ruled on this planet. Their kingdom was famous for the well-known soothsayers who formulated their calendar. The highlight of the 500-year-old calendar was that had prominent events marked with hand, and much of it turned out to be as correct. This led to widespread research on their other work as well as manuscripts written by their famous writers. But the most striking feature was that the calendar came to an end. That too on 21 December 2012, according to the Mayans was supposed to be the last day for humanity. It may also be argued that the Mayans for sighting powers might have diminished over time, and this was as far as they could manage to concretize. But all the arrows pointing to the same directions couldn’t be neglected as a simple coincidence.

The Ideas of Solar flares, Mass epidemics, Flash Floods and Earthquakes began to arise as fear and confusion began to grip people as the end of 2012 neared. Consistent denials from NASA and other organisations were paid no heed to, as everyone was busy finding ways to survive it. People were desperate enough to store food, clothing and go to the extent of building underground burrows with their hands. Governments were accused of building ships and planning space trips to save those who could afford them. Everything was suddenly in a mist of uncertainty.
Finally, as the day rose, everyone gradually began to realise how foolish they were to believe in baseless rumours and prepare for something that was never going to happen. The life on earth continued with normalcy as such hoaxes were learned to be neglected. However as we are heading to the end of 2014, we have to realise that it might have been a hoax some years ago, but sooner rather than later we will be heading for the inevitable.

We have to realise that could have been an alarm call for us. The fear of our end has instilled environmental ethics in many since, but the efforts are still quite feeble. Our ancestors may have had the greater knowledge that we will lose track and thus had to attempt a wake-up call. Unfortunately two years later, the efforts have slowed down and need more reinforcements, if not added soon; the prophecy might turn out to be true.