Environmental Issues that Need Attention


Mother Earth- we all love her. And how can we not love her? That is where we all stay. Science says the earth is the only place where life is found. But for us, this special plant is our world! Ever since the day we had taken birth, this Earth has given us a lot of things. Lots of free lands to build our houses, to play around that made our childhood memorable, to create parks. It gave us greenery without which life would not have been possible. It gave us beautiful landscapes throughout the world that we love visiting now and then and what not? We love this place more than ourselves!

But this very dear Earth is no longer as safe and inhabitable as it used to be earlier. We, the very same humans who have taken so much from Mother Earth, are the reasons behind this degradation of the Earth. Our activities are harming the earth and making the environment polluted. Not just pollution, there are so many other issues that have put environmentalists across the world of grave concern. In this list, we will discuss all those questions that are affecting the world and that have to be stopped as early as possible.

1. Pollution

Pollutions are the most important issues that we need to address. There are so many kinds of pollutions- air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and so on. Needless to say, these are our activities that are leading to the pollution of the air and the environment around us. Automobile emissions, emissions from factories and industries, radioactive wastes, loudspeakers, plonking horns of cars unnecessarily, disposing of sewage and wastes in water, overfishing, construction of dams all these lead to pollution of the environment in some way or the other. We have to check our activities, if not stop them altogether. If we do not take the initiatives, the earth will keep on getting more and more polluted.

2. Global Warming

Global warming is another matter of concern, which if not checked right now, might lead to hazardous results. Global warming is the heating up of the earth’s lower surface due to the presence of excess greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and sulphur oxide in the air absorb the heat from the earth but do not let them out in the atmosphere. As a result, the earth’s surface is getting heated up day by day. If this is not stopped, all the ice at the poles will melt fast and thus the water level will start increasing, leading to floods.

3. Soil Erosion

It might not seem that huge or severe as a problem, but soil erosion can lead to hazardous effects. When the soil is barren, there is nothing that will hold the soil together. Hence, the soil gets loose which leads to landslides. There are many natural factors too that lead to soil erosion, but we cannot neglect the fact that at least 40-50% of the soil erosion is caused due to irresponsible human activities. The soil erosion not only leads to the deposition of soil particles, but the process of soil erosion also rips off the soil of its essential nutrients and minerals. For stopping soil erosion, all we need to do is plant more and more trees. Trees hold together the soil and prevent the wearing away of soil.

4. Deforestation

Deforestation is something that we have been reading about since the time we were toddlers. But still we do not seem to have understood its seriousness. We cut down trees and turn forests into a dull, barren lands. Soil erosions, landslides, lesser rainfalls, global warming- all these are results of cutting down trees. We do not need to emphasize on what trees do for us. We have read them enough, and those who have gardens or who go for regular walks in parks can even feel the difference. Trees are natural absorbers of carbon dioxide. So when we cut down trees, we are unknowingly leading to an increased amount of carbon dioxide in the air which leads to global warming. Also, the roots of huge trees spread through a long distance, which holds the soil together. When these trees are cut down or uprooted, the soil becomes loose which leads to soil erosion.

5. Extensive Agriculture

Agriculture is good for the economy. In fact, if there is no agriculture, what will we eat at all? But we forget that we need to grow crops on lands. If we do not maintain the lands properly, how can we grow crops on it? Extensive agriculture rips off the soil of all its essential minerals and nutrients. The pesticides and other chemicals not only harm the crops but also lead to the degradation of the soil. In a few years time, that soil turns out to be good for nothing and hence is discarded off. There are chances that this piece of land will get eroded. W cannot stop agriculture; that is not possible. What we can do is that we can think of and implement newer and more efficient methods of farming that will serve the purpose of feeding us as well as taking care of the soil. It is true that an entire economy is dependent on agriculture, especially in the underdeveloped and the developing countries. But we cannot carry on agriculture without thinking and taking care of the soil on which it is made.

Enough said time to gear up and take some action now. Else, these factors that are just ‘issues’ today will turn to hazards tomorrow. We cannot let that happen. Every issue mentioned above can be redressed. Yes, it is quite late, but at least, we can take the initiative. Every school, college and offices should take up each of these issues and tart working on them as early as possible. That will not only work towards the solution of these global problems, but such measures will also instill the importance of saving our environment among children from a very young age.

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