How Global Warming and Climate Change Could Affect Our Life


Being an inhabitant of this planet, we should all care about it and reduce the risks causing it to become worse. Global warming is one of the biggest threats our planet is facing now and unfortunately it’s getting higher with the time moving. The more pollution we create, the higher it will be. The future of our planet is in our hands. If we somehow succeed to control this, chances are high our planet’s temperature could reduce to its desired state. Before talking further about global warming and climate change, let’s have a look at how Global Warming works:

When the sunlight reaches to us (the earth), some part of it reflects back to space in the form of heat or infrared radiations. Greenhouse Gases including carbon dioxide, ozone, methane and nitrous oxide absorb these radiations, trapping Heat in the Atmosphere. The heavy concentrations of Greenhouse Gases lead to Greenhouse Effect, causing temperature to rise. The consequences of climate change are devastating such as increasing sea levels and varying weather patterns.

The rise in our climate change could affect our lives in many ways:


The increasing temperature could affect our health dramatically. When exposed to high heat, we can have many serious health concerns such as increased body temperature, heat cramps, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Weeds, trees, molds and grasses causing allergic reactions grow very fast in warmer temperature. Furthermore, the diseases like cholera and salmonella that are usually transmitted through polluted water and food may get more active due to flooding. Other diseases that may affect human life include – malaria, Lyme disease and West Nile Virus.


When it comes to agriculture, the global warming and climate change could affect livestock and crops dramatically. According to a report at EPA, rising in temperature could result in a temperature that isn’t suitable for certain crops to develop. Varying rainfall patterns may lead to many severe storms that can reduce crop yield.  On the other hand, livestock wouldn’t be all safe as animals can’t survive in high temperature. This could result in Famine in most areas of the World, making it very difficult for human being to survive.

Water Resources

The higher temperature and varying weather patterns also affect the both quality and amount of water resources.  They could be dried up, converting the whole world into a desert-like place where water is super rare. Since we can’t survive without drinking water, the entire human species could disappear in a matter of few weeks. On the other side, devastating storms and flooding may add contaminants and other chemicals to streams, rivers and lakes, lowering the quality of water. It’s water that gives life to every living being on earth. Without it, we may be vanished like we have never been on earth. This is one of the worst things global warming and climate change could bring us.  

Energy Production

In high temperature, power plants, distribution systems and transmission grids could also be affected dramatically, leaving all of us with no electricity. We may also experience power outage due to heat waves. Moreover, we could see a sudden rise in demands, making the electricity’s price so much high.


The Greenhouse Effect can alter water and fragile land ecosystems, disrupting life in that areas or regions. With the rise in temperature, there’re some animals and plants who can’t adapt to new climate changes will either die or travel to more friendly regions. In short, some ecosystems can lead to the vast destruction of the entire species.

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