Go Green Lifestyle: The Myths


The world is becoming a den of environmentally conscious citizens. Gone are those days when one could see everyone thinking about themselves before thinking about the environment. Compromising with the needs of nature was once the topic of discussion as everyone was mere profit makers. But now, go green lifestyle has taken center stage. But despite people being engaged in such go green practices, we do not often see greater results. What could be the reason for this mess? The answer is quite simple to comprehend. The intentions and agenda of the people are quite eco-friendly, but the way they try to implement these thoughts into practice is wrong. There are many myths about the go green lifestyle and the go green practices. Here is a look at such myths about go green lifestyle. Myths busted: read on to know more!

Plant trees and you do your bit!

If at all you have this thing in your mind that planting trees and plants alone could be the solution for all the environmental problems, then you are probably getting it wrong. These practices of planting trees and plants is obviously a good one, but most of the times it is seen that the people end up doing the right things in the wrong way. People tend to plant the trees in the wrong places and very often at the wrong times. Planting trees near a river body make no sense as they will surely get uprooted due to shore waves. Similarly planting trees in dry summer can result in the plant dying days after it is planted. People have got rough knowledge about the trees and they believe that planting trees will give them cool air and solve all the global warming issues. But very few people know the reality and the science behind the trees. The tree, if planted near the equatorial regions in the wrong areas, can result in trapping up of sunlight through their dense network of canopy trees and this will result in nothing but global warming again! So plant trees but make sure you plant them in the right places and also make sure that you see them grow.

Electric cars are the Generation Next Vehicles

Whenever one talks about the go green lifestyle, they often talk about the menace of pollution and the problem of the resources getting depleted at a rapid rate. People believe that the only solution to this is to use the alternative that is nothing but the electric cars. But this is a big myth. First of all, it is important to understand that producing an electric car itself requires a lot of energy. In addition to that, these electric cars need some serious amount of energy to work efficiently. The battery life of these cars is only about six years that would mean that every six years, these batteries would be disposed of. Everyone knows how harmful these batteries could turn out to be as they are highly toxic. In addition to this, charging up the cars every time you feel like going out will often lead to an increased electricity bill. Moreover, these cars not only consume a lot of electricity but also take a lot of time actually to get charged. So the ones who think that these cars are the next generation cars must rethink. This is because, even the manufacturers of these cars are aware of these drawbacks and are still working on the needed modifications. If they can come up with the solutions to all these problems, then you never know when this myth could actually turn out to be true.

Using eco-friendly goods!

It is a very interesting fact to notice that people have started to switch to the eco-friendly goods and have adopted the go green lifestyle. People believe that the moment they use such devices, they start conserving energy. But meanwhile, they forget to understand the technicality of the same. For example, using the CFL lamps instead of the conventional tubes and bulbs will certainly reduce your bill and give you same amount of light and power. This is why they are called as energy efficient. But people tend to keep these devices on for a long time and believe that these devices won’t consume much energy. But due to prolonged usage, these devices use the same amount of energy as it used to consume earlier when the tubes were in use. Hence, this myth has to be busted. If you are using energy efficient devices, then you should know how to use them. After all, energy saved is energy produced!

Switching it off will solve woes!

There is yet another misconception that the people have. People believe that they save a lot of power by switching off the devices when not in use. This is a misconception that this would save power. One cannot blame the people for doing this or believing this. This is what people have been hearing ever since their early days. The high school methodology of teaching has been stating the same postulate for quite a long time now. The actual point is that even if you switch off the appliances when not in use, they still consume power. This power is called as the vampire power or the standby power. This happens because the electronic devices have the tendency of taking a few extra energy inputs when they are off. The only way to reduce the bills and conserve energy is by unplugging the device. This is the only way of stopping the energy supply. Vampire power accounts for about 5 percent of your total bills, if not more!

Being a go green enthusiast and environmentally conscious is a very good trait to possess for any human being. But then, care should be taken to ensure that you do the right things in the right way. Sometimes, mere thoughts and good deeds are not enough to yield you with the most desirable outcomes. Go green and save the world!

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