Go Green Lifestyle: Recycle at Home!

With growing environmental concerns in the last decade or so the talk of the town in the global scenario has been adaptation of the go green lifestyle. The relation between the human beings and nature is a very carefully knit one. Both are independent on one another for their smooth functioning. But the kind of reckless encroachments that the human beings have made on nature has disrupted this relationship of harmony. Since people have broken this mutual trust, it is the duty of people to make amends. Whenever people read all this, they often end up thinking what should they do to make their contributions. For those people, there is just one adage to go about it, “Charity begins at home”. Here is the list if things people can do at their homes to make their green go contribution and set up an ideal example for others to follow. Read on to know more.

Recycling Earthen Pots

No matter how much the technology has advanced, and refrigeration techniques get evolved, the cooling the earthen pots give is simply unmatchable. But very often these pots do develop cracks in them. In such situations, people throw them away as they are no longer of any use; this is what they presume. But an active go green lifestyle would suggest you to recycle these earthen pots instead. These pots can be painted, and they used for decorative purposes. They can be easily painted using the acrylic colors, and they do enhance the aesthetic value of households. In addition to this, these pots are entirely organic in nature and thus they can be easily recycled to get remolded into some other forms with a bit of add on. Truly, recycling earthen pots is an excellent part of go green lifestyle.

Some more Decorations?

It is a common thing to notice that most of the homemakers these days tend to keep their kitchen updated with the latest design of crockery and everything else. There is no harm is staying updated. But what causes harm and goes against the go green lifestyle is the fact that when the old crockery is replaced, they are often thrown away directly. The glasses, for instance, are thrown away. It is known fact that glasses are non-biodegradable in nature. Thus throwing away the glasses will never do the world of good to nature and also the go green enthusiasts. What can be done in this situation is that the glasses can be used as the flower vase. Some creativity added to it can improve its aesthetic value, in this way; one can reuse many other crockery items for different purposes!

Recycling Paper

The paper is an environmental resource. But it does take some time for the journal to degrade. It is not always an easy task to degrade paper as well. Moreover, the paper is probably the second most abundant waste generated after plastics. Paper can thus be used for many purposes. The paper has always been used for artwork. Making paper mash can help in making some of the most decorative artwork. Parents can encourage young kids to indulge themselves in such work. This would serve the dual purpose of keeping them busy and also inculcate go green lifestyle values in them. Children can thus develop good art skills. In addition to this, women can make self-help groups and recycle paper to make paper bags. Everyone knows about the need for paper bags. This will help in increasing the circulation of paper bags in the market and eradicate the very word of plastic from everyone’s mind.

Ceramics can be recycled

As mentioned earlier, grocery items are often thrown away directly without much consideration about nature. Go green lifestyle calls up for recycling ceramics as well. Broken ceramics like the plates and dishes can be used on the walls. Ceramic cookware on painting gives an excellent texture, and this cookware can be used on the walls. Many times it is seen that some of the ceramic plates often go unused and get old, such plates and dishes can be used for fancy designs and decorations. An excellent striking feature of these ceramics on the wall is for the music lovers. For the ones who have woofers and speakers at their home, they can put up these ceramics on the wall. Ceramics helps in giving your ears a pleasing sound even at the loudest of volumes. It may seem strange to you, but it is true. Go green lifestyle can stun you in many ways after all. This happens naturally due to the curved nature of these plates. It is not a hectic work to do. Cement must be put on the wall and small marks like cuts must be made on them to ensure that the plates lie steadily on the walls. Later, with the help of adhesives, usually industrial adhesive, these can be stuck onto the walls. This completes your woofer facilitating decoration!

Recycling organic matter

Waste management has always been the center of discussion in go green lifestyle. The very essential component of domestic wastes is the organic wastes. Usually, they are just thrown away. This results in piling up of wastes. One can instead try composting with all the organic wastes that are generated. The organic wastes can help you in your gardening. All you need to do is to form a compost pit and fill it up with all organic matter. Organic matter support is improving the soil quality. They increase the fertility of the soil by increasing the humus content on the top layer of the soil. Using organic matter in gardening ensures a safe top layer of soil which is immune to getting corroded quickly. This gives your garden plants more sheltered and stealthier environment to grow. The only thing one needs to be careful about is to ensure that the wastes are purely organic in nature. The presence of any toxic or inorganic matter could cause some damage to the plants.