Go Green and Save Money !


Practicing greenways not only helps us in saving energy and conserving the natural resources but also helps us in saving a lot of money too! Also, they do less impact on the environment and help in eradicating several of the worlds’ problems regarding the same. Whether it is about following green methods at home or office, they eventually save you a lot of expenses and what could get better than that?

Here are a few ways you can start conserving energy and cut down your expenses simultaneously!

1) Eat healthily. Eat smart:

Nowadays, people residing in the metro areas, prefer fast food and junk rather than local or home food. Also, with food outlets like KFC, the amount of money spent on meat is way too much. If you consider the environmental impacts and the harmful effects that this could probably have on the environment, it would be wise to switch to locally raised organic meat. Even sustainable seafood or other such food cultivated through sustainable methods.

2) Save energy:

This is the most effective way to save your money and cut down your annual expenses. Try installing LED light bulbs or otherwise, compact fluorescent lights to keep the energy usage. Always prefer LED, though, since they are mercury-free and do not get heated up. They are safe to use and help you in saving a lot of energy. Regarding the thermostat setting always set them to a few degrees lower during the winter season and higher during the summers. This way you can save a lot on the heating expenses. Also, use washing machines that use limited water and help in saving a huge amount of water. Furthermore, switch off or turn off the electrical appliances when not in use. Avoid using the appliances in standby mode. If you don’t require them, then do turn them off without much ado. Always unplug devices and do not use electric light bulbs at all. If you adhere to these little rules, then you surely make a whole lot of difference and save energy and cost.

3) Maintain greenery outdoors:

Watering the gardens requires a huge amount of water and also the cost increase with the stretch of the garden. Therefore, always reduce the water consumption in your gardens by fixing sprinklers that require very little water. Planting more trees is another way to reduce the costs incurred in air conditioners. More the number of tresses, cooler your homes shall be! Instead of buying better air conditioners, why don’t you grow more trees? Also, they help in producing sufficient amount of energy around your homes and also help in reducing your carbon footprints. Growing trees can not only help you but also the environment that you live in.
Also, try avoiding chemical fertilizers and other such chemical products on your plants. Grow more of native plants that need less water and can survive easily in the toughest environments. Use organic fertilizers and herbicides to support your plants. Producing the compost on your own can also be an added advantage because it helps as a good enrichment for the soil in your garden. This is not all. You can also grow fruits, vegetables in your backyard that can give you an easy access to the supplements in your balanced diet. Instead of buying food outside, you can save the costs incurred by growing them on your own.

4) Reusable containers and water bottles:

Always use containers that can be used time and again. Instead of buying bottled water from outside, always carry a water bottle with you when you go out. This can reduce the amount of plastic bottles strewn here and there. The plastic production process is a tedious task and can have a huge impact on the environment. So, when you can make a right choice, do not hesitate.
5) Reduce, reuse and recycle:

What best can save your money if it not for this three-word mantra? Reduce the usage of plastics and other such disposable containers/products. Also, reuse the older junk that you have in your homes. For instance, do not throw away your magazines. You can share them with your friends or neighbors. If you have old jars and twine, turn them into pen-stands or for storing any of the things. It’s not enough if you reduce and reuse, it is also necessary to recycle the old plastic items. Give the old plastic items to a nearby recycling plant. One more effective way of saving money is by using more of the recycled products. This way you not only save costs but also help in reducing the virgin plastic production.Recycled products use very little water for the production and cost twice as less as the brand new products.

6) Proper water-saving techniques:

Repair the leaky faucet issues in your kitchen or bathrooms. It is said that nearly 140 gallons of water can be wasted a week if you do with a leaky faucet. Therefore, repair them right away. Check all the pipe fixtures so that you save money and water. Another best way to save water is by taking shorter showers. You can install a lower flow shower head too. You can save nearly 25-50 percent water just by installing one of these.

7) Carpooling:

Whether it is going on picnic trips or even traveling to scold/college/offices, carpooling is the best way to save energy and also the fossil fuels. You can take turns with your neighbors in carpooling. It reduces the number of vehicles on the road, and thus traffic. You can easily fight the peak-hour traffic by sharing vehicles with your neighbors /friends. Thus, by saving energy, you can save your costs incurred too. You can even go cycling that is in fact, the best way to have toned legs and help in improving the blood circulation in your body.
These Eco-friendly ways have to be followed by everyone to reduce the usage of energy and save the natural habitats of animals. Who else is responsible for the protection or destruction of our planet Earth, except us of course?

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