Some Great Environmentalists this Earth has ever seen


The government decides to cut down a few trees so that a new road can be built or to create a new layout for the human population. But, wait. They can’t do it easily. They have a fear of confrontation with the so-called “Environmentalists” who are always on the spot to save the environment. They hug the tree and stand in the way of the government and shout, “Cut us before cutting down the trees.”

These environmentalists help to save the Planet Earth, and they seek constantly to protect the natural environment from these so called human activities through which he just tries to improve his colonization and, in turn, harm the environment. An environmentalist is usually seen engaged in environmentalism.

We know that these environmentalists always have a big impact on our lives, especially in saving this planet. But, the sad point is that many of us are truly unaware of those great names who have always stood by our Mother Earth.

So, here is an attempt to list down some of the great environmentalists we must know.

John Muir

John was a very great environmentalist in America, and he was also very influential through his writings about nature. His writing inspired many from Boy Scouts to Presidents. He was born in Dunbar, Scotland in 1838 who later shifted over to America in 1849 where he got settled on a farm. He always loved to spend his time in the wild exploring the beauty of nature.

After he met with an industrial accident in 1867 which made him blind in one eye, he rethought his ambitions and decided to study nature. He started influencing many through his writings and people started respecting the wild nature of America. He considered them as the real treasure. He was always daring and ready to fight and save nature even though the effect of his conservation movement would be anything. He was highly responsible for transforming the Yosemite area into a national park. He also founded the Sierra Club to help save the mountains.

Rachel Carson

Rachel, who was born in 1907, was a scientist and an author who always used her knowledge in saving the nature. She has been considered as the founder of the modern environmental movement. She worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and also meanwhile published books of which “The Sea Around Us” has been a noted one. Later on, she came to be known by her work “Silent Spring” where she wrote about the devastating effects of pesticides on the environment. Many chemical companies tried to blame her wrong, but later on, she was proven right, and the book eventually helped in banning pesticides like DDT.

Aldo Leopold

Aldo, who was an ecologist and author, is thought to be a godfather in conversing of wild nature and also he is being worshiped even today by many of the modern ecologists. Born in 1887, he worked at the U.S Forest Service. During his tenure, he was made forcefully kill bears and cougars due to some of the protests from the people of those areas. But, he later adopted kindness towards wild nature. His book, “A Sand County Almanac” is even today considered an epic dealing with the preservation of nature.

Julia Butterfly Hill

Julia, who was born in 1974, is known to many of us as the most committed and honest environmentalist alive. She pledged herself into the conservation of the environment after meeting with an auto accident in 1996. Her dedication has been made many people raise their eyebrows. Her notable act of conserving nature was when she lived for almost two years in the branches of an ancient redwood tree in California to save it from being cut down. This has been considered the greatest act of conserving nature till date. She even today involves herself in an environmental and social cause.

Henry David Thoreau

Henry, born in 1817 was a writer who wrote to save nature. He was also a philosopher and an activist. He is considered as a highly influential person among the modern naturists even today. He gave up his contemporary life in 1845 and went on to live alone in a house built by him in Walden Pond, Massachusetts. He has been known for spending his life with great simplicity and inspiring many young naturists to give up their contemporary lives and lives in the woods enjoying the nature. He works, “A Life in the Woods”, is considered as a must-read by many environmentalists.

Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt was a politician who was very active in hunting, yet it is a surprise that he made it onto a list of environmentalists. In fact, he has been one of the most active conservationists this Earth has ever seen. He has been a champion in saving the wild. Born in 1858, he banned on the usage of feathers as clothing adornment, when he was a Governor of New York. He implemented the ban to prevent the killing of some birds. Being the President of the United States from 1901 to 1909, Roosevelt became, even more, active in saving the nature. He has been responsible for actively pursuing soil and water conservation. He is known for creating over 200 national forests, national parks, and wildlife refuges.

Gifford Pinchot

Gifford was born in 1867 to a timber baron. His father regretted of all the damage he has made to the forests of America by cutting down many trees and insisted upon Gifford to study forestry and save the nature. Gifford was appointed to manage the western forests of America by the then President Grover Cleveland. He was then made to lead the U.S. Forest Service. He, during his tenure, publicly battled over the destruction of wild.

Gaylord Nelson

Born in 1916, Gaylord was a politician and an environmentalist who has been highly associated with the Earth Day, which we all celebrate even today. He took the path of converting nature after his return from the World War 2. He was responsible for creating an Outdoor Recreation Acquisition Program through which he could save around one million acres of park land. He is also known for passing the Wilderness Act, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and other such related legislation regarding the environment in the United States. He is the founder of Earth Day.

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