When we talk about the topic Green cities….there is usually a small list that comes to our mind!….say the reasons that we would identify for calling a city to be green or we would usually relate to some incident or a historical event that could have taken place to make the city be nicknamed as a green city…just like the way New York is called “Big Apple” and many other examples that one could actually think of!

But here’s the thing, there are not many cities across the globe that had anything historical to be termed green or I would say there isn’t any any be in the near future something could happen to mark its page in the History books.

But you have cities that have been referred to a Green because of certain criteria’s that the whole world would accept to give away such a tag to a place that could be identified on the map.

  • So what all could be the reasons for declaring a city or a place to be GREEN?. well there are many but with a special emphasis one would pinpoint to these criteria’s:

So as you can see there is actually an endless list of reasons but the above are the selected ones that require the most attention.

Now here is a list of the cities cross the globe that have been rated as green based on the above parameters:


Bogota is the capital of Columbia, it’s considered to be the greenest city in South America as per studies that were recently carried out. The city was infamous for the crime rates and poverty but over the years has come to develop a fresh perspective among the people across the globe as a green city thanks to the effective use of the allocated Government funds that went to developing the services of Public transportation and the promotion of the use of adapting to a sustainable living as well as the number of green spaces in terms of Public parks and gardens that provide more open space in the Urban area where people could enjoy the company of nature over the usual hustle and bustle.

Also the city is famous for having introduced the system of rent a cycle, a system that ensured the people could rent cycles on an hourly basis at affordable rates and could easily go around the city. This ensured that there was less dependence on the motor vehicles by people and thereby minimizing the emissions from the vehicles and therefore controlling Pollution in the city.

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Copenhagen, the popular destination for all summits that work on promoting the environment….it’s all here!! Its a city that has always adhered to following ways that would be eco-friendly for example the restaurants in the city use vegetables and farm produces that are locally grown in order to reduce the carbon foot prints and also one would spot loads of people making use of the bycyles to reach their destinations. Even those who work ride a cycle to their respective work places.


Reykjavik is a city in Iceland. The city is the topmost when it comes to innovation with the environment and sustainable development. The city has constantly worked from time to time ensure that the city remain pollution free and reduces it carbon foot prints through a list of measures that they undertake. Such as making use of the electricity that is produced from water that is hydroelectricity and the use geothermal power that is generated. The public transportation (buses) are all hydrogen powered, thereby they have curbed the emission of green house gasses to a great extent.


Malmo is one of a kind city in the world which deserves a green tag. The reasons are just plenty to list out.

Firstly the city happens to be the largest home to a variety of sustainable energy producing stations from solar energy to biofuels. You name it and they have a plant that would supply eco-friendly and renewable energy. Secondly, the building in the city a majority of them are constructed with materials that one would classify as sustainable materials and most all the buildings all operate on the solar energy that each one of them has. Thirdly, it also has a lot of open spaces dedicated to parks and gardens that are well maintained.

So, all these reasons are just enough to spell out why this city is really deserving and most of all the place is definitely a source of inspiration for many cities across the world which are also aiming to achieve such a level of excellence with a combined and a balanced growth along with nature.

Stockholm, Sweden:

Stockholm is one of the finest green cities in the world and the best in Europe. The city has always adopted new ways and techniques that has ensured a sustainable growth and development. The city has been named as one among the cleanest capitals in the world and also as the greenest city in Europe. apart from all these titles the city is popular is because of the very fact that almost 40% of Stockholm consists of open spaces.

Moreover, the city produces a lesser rate of carbon emission on an average in comparison to other European cities.

A number of other cities are also rapidly progressing towards becoming a part of the list of cities that hold the Green tag. A number of cities are predicted to join the list by 2050. With a greater emphasis on being environmental conscience and trying to lead a life that is closer to being associated to the nature and going green is largely pushing Governments across the world to set up well planned and developed cities that could cater the needs of humans and while keeping a check over the future requirements through the means of the environment.


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