Green Home-Cooling Tips


Air-cooling using air conditioner is one of the most over-used techniques by everyone nowadays. The amount of energy that is spent by using air conditioners and air coolers is extremely much and will eventually be the main reason for your escalating electricity bills. Hence, it would be wise enough to switch to Eco-friendly ways to keep your homes cool and healthy. This way, you and your family members will be able to maintain a healthy life. A proper combination of shades, awnings or windows can help get you a cooler home and properly ventilated rooms. Here’s how you can do it without spending another penny.

1) Stop using incandescent lights/ CFL lights:

We all agree that CFL lights have always been preferred to incandescent lights. But now with the even to LED lights, we can have mercury free lights, and little heat was dissipating led lights. These led lights are known not only for their energy-conserving features but also as it does not dissipate much heat and help maintain a cooler atmosphere in the room. Whereas, incandescent lights are said to dissipate nearly 90% of the energy into heat that eventually heats up the room. Therefore, by changing your lights to LED, you can cut down your expenses on a great deal.

2) Use blinds/curtains:

If you kept the windows open on sunny days, there would be a lot of heat entering your home from outside. Therefore, it would be a good decision to have curtains and blinds, or drapes hung at the windows to lower the heat escaping inside. This would lower the temperature indoors by about 20 degrees, and you wouldn’t have the need to turn on your air conditioners. Especially if you have windows facing west or the north, do not open these windows because they allow most of the heat inside. Furthermore, by the use of drapes, you could also save the energy that you otherwise waste unnecessarily.

3) Ceiling fan usage:

You need to make an intelligent usage of the ceiling fans. Always set them to rotate in the anti-clockwise direction. This will make your rooms felt cooler than otherwise and will also increase the comfort levels by improvising the air flow inside the rooms. Furthermore, turn on the exhaust fans in the bathrooms and kitchen. This way you can

keep off most of the heat that emanates from the steam heat inside the bathroom or the kitchen.

4) Window Solutions:

The best way to maintain a correct air flow inside the rooms is by placement of the windows in the correct positions. Always install window shades that are white so that they can keep off nearly 30% of the heat. Keep the south and west facing windows closed when it sunny outside. Also, you can have roof overhangs externally near these windows just to make sure that you don’t have any heat coming in. Even awnings work best for these windows. Bamboo shades can keep away the heat to about 80%. You can even apply low e-glass or other reflecting films especially when there are no shade trees outside your homes. Also, with a decent solar heat coefficient for your window panes, you can keep the room cooler. An acceptable solar heat coefficient that is used in window panes is 0.3 or below. This indicates the deflecting power of the window is acceptable and good.
You can keep your windows pen in the light. The night air is comparatively cooler and will cool your homes especially in the summer days. But do not forget to close the windows once it turns morning because you don’t want the heat to build inside your homes again, do you?

5) Set your air-conditioners right:

It would an added advantage if you do NOT use the air conditioner. But, just in case, it is a necessity, then here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you turn on that air conditioner.
• Always keep the filters of your AC’s clean so that there is no dust left accumulated. When the dust is stored increase, it causes the air flow to be equally minimized. This could draw more energy to keep your room air-conditioned. Therefore, always make it a point to keep a check on the AC’s that you have. Furthermore, provide awnings on the outer side or otherwise any shade for your AC. This way you can make your AC more efficient and the overall efficiency may increase by 10 percent just by providing the necessary amount of shade. Another thing that you need to remember is to turn off the AC when not in need. Especially if you number of trees on the outside, your house would be cooler, and the usage of the air conditioner is not needed.Also, if you are leaving your homes, do not forget to switch off the AC’s and other electrical appliances like air coolers that you use to keep your home cool.

6) Evaporative cooler:

This is also commonly known as the swamp cooler. This cooler mainly works on the principle of drawing air towards the cooler and letting them pass over pads that are soaked in cold water. This way the air is turned cooler and temperature may reduce by 30 degrees. This kind of cooling can be better than your air conditioning units too.
Why is evaporative cooling better than air conditioning?
• Evaporative cooling is efficient and economical
• Requires minimal maintenance when compared to the air conditioner units
• You can keep the doors and windows open too!
• Does not cost an exorbitant amount of money
• It reduces your carbon footprint as they do not release colors flour carbons and also require very little power for the working process.
• The indoor air quality is 90% fresher wherein air conditioners; the same air is re-circulated which makes the room smell stale.
So, the next time you plan on buying air conditioners, you need to think twice.

I hope these few methods on how to cool your homes naturally have enlightened you.Do not forget to acquaint your family members and friends about it as well!!

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