Green lifestyles for Children


It is extremely necessary to educate our children regarding the protection of the environment and why it has to be necessarily practiced. If we want our planet to grow healthier and also conserve the natural habitats, it is quite a necessity that our future generation follows a Eco-friendly lifestyle. Kids can do most of the impact on the environment- whether it is good or bad. It is our duty to inculcate certain ecologically responsible values in them so that we can ensure the happy growth of our planet. There are little things that children need to be aware of, which will eventually transform them into better responsible citizens. The environment as we all know is facing a critical phase where its protection has turned out to be more like an issue. Therefore we need to follow certain strict rules regarding green and healthy lifestyle so that we do complete justice to the planet that we were born in.

Here’s how we can teach our kids to do the same:

1) Have a garden:

This is the primary technique that you can follow to allure the kids into gardening and other such activities. Participating in these activities will not only make them active and effervescent but will also encourage them to grow saplings and imbibe a healthy bond with the surrounding environment that will later enable them to continue the same but with a self-motivation. Also, If you are not able to maintain a garden due to certain reasons, then you can also have potted plants on your balcony. Encourage the kids to water the same. This should also be followed in schools. If all the kids are encouraged to grow saplings and water them on a quotidian basis, then there could be an instant garden! Bringing up a herb garden has its perks. You can help the children get engrossed in the garden and also grow healthy plants that could be consumed or used for some other purposes. You can make your herb garden to be the main source of the food made in the kitchen. Moreover, it gives an opportunity for the little children to learn how to take care of plants and water them daily. It does sound easy, but at the same time, it can be a whole lot interesting.

2) Cleanliness:

It is not enough if the kids only grow a garden. They must also help in keeping the surroundings clean. They should be encouraged to pick the wastes in the surrounding area and also should be taught to separate organic from the inorganic wastage.Plastics mist be separately disposed of. Also, advice the children to use only cloth and to say no to plastic bags. If such habits are taught to them at an early age, then they would surely follow the same throughout the rest of their life as well. Moreover, Cleanliness shouldn’t only be restricted to the area outside the house but also inside the homes. Any wastes strewn around must be properly discarded, and the usage of plastic items must be stopped. Use more of Eco-friendly items. This could include wooden toys, decorum and also bamboo furniture.

3) Paper:

Saving paper is a must and should be followed by people of all ages. Kids normally have the habit of tearing papers and throwing them away. The parents need to admonish them against it and should only provide recycled books. By using recycled books, most of the energy that is used for virgin production of paper is reduced, and some trees can also be saved.

4) Save energy:

The production of energy from fossil fuels has resulted in the draining of all the non-renewable resources from the surface of the earth. Therefore, the energy must be conserved as much as possible. Encourage the use of renewable sources of energy even among little children so that they take it on a serious note and help in the conservation of energy. Nowadays, people have turned so reckless that they do not as much as switch off the lights and fans when leaving their homes. This has to be undoubtedly stopped and everyone in the house must actively participate in saving energy. Switch off the lights, fans and electrical appliances. Especially when children use computers/laptops/play stations for a longer duration, ask them to go out and play in the sun instead. It not only helps them to grow as healthy active children but also helps them to conserve energy by little ways in the long run. You can also fix energy efficient lighting inside your homes. Led light bulbs are said to be much efficient and better than the traditional lighting because they don’t contain mercury. Moreover, they do not heat up like CFL’s and hence are very safe even in the perspective of little children playing around in your homes. Admonish the children not to open the refrigerators time and again. Ask them to turn off all the electrical appliances when they do not use it any longer.

5) Proper bathroom practices:

This one is most important especially when there are little children in your homes. Most of the water that is wasted in a household normally occurs in the bathrooms. Children need to be taught properly not to waste a lot of water and use it wisely. Also, admonish them against wasting water even during activities like brushing the teeth. Ask them to turn off the faucet when the water is not needed. If this becomes a habit, then surely they wouldn’t wish to repeat it even when they are old enough. Furthermore, another point that you need to consider is that you need to  fix leaky faucets as soon as possible. Make it a point to examine all your taps and piping every month or so to check if there is any leak. Also if you find one, repair them quickly. It’s not only your children who need to save water at home but also you.

It is extremely essential to be Eco-wise nowadays as our planet Earth now faces a certain Eco-crisis. Several ecological habitats are destroyed and sun-baked/dried just because of the greedy acts of man. Therefore, we need to consider particularly the ways to prevent this selfish act from destroying our planet. Start now before it’s too late!

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