Green Resources


Well to live in this world and to secure our next generations we have to go a greener way of living. And in this process, we have to use our resources carefully, so that our coming generation can use it. First of all, we have to conserve and use very carefully one of the most valuable resources without which we can’t survive a single day, i.e. water. The drinking water is decreasing day by day and people are not getting water. Some places are having acute water problems. So the onus is on us to save water. People should be made aware of the fact that they can’t live without water.

Coming to other resources, they have to be used very carefully. The world requires energy in every sphere. And eventually, it had to depend on resources for its energy generation. The resources like coal, fossil fuels, etc. are depleting rapidly. So we had to think of other resources that can be used again and again and which does not harm our ‘Mother Earth.’ This kind of resources includes the wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy, alternative green fuels, etc.


Wind Energy is the energy that is harnessed from the blowing wind. The energy from the blowing wind can be trapped and stored via windmills and whenever required it can be used. It is being utilized in some parts of the world where there is a shortage of resources. But it had to be utilized on a massive scale to solve energy and resource problem. The advantage of this resource is that it does not pollute the environment at all, which is an excellent thing.


Solar Energy is the energy that we get from the Sun. As long as the Earth will be alive, there will be Sun. So there will not be any shortage of this resource. If the enormous amount of energy from the Sun can be utilized, then it would solve many problems. Scientists believe that it is the most trustable resource that can be used. The positive thing is that more and more countries are willing to use this resource. Like other countries in the world, India is also trying desperately to use this resource as much as possible. The government is encouraging different organizations, companies to use Solar Energy, in their offices and reduce drastically the power consumption and in a way to save the Earth. The Solar Energy is trapped using Solar cells which receives the sunlight and stores the energy. This produces electricity that can be used to run fans, T.V, lights, cooking. The only disadvantage is that the initial setting cost is high. But as technology is advancing the price should surely come down.


This is the energy that we get from the tides, which is a form of hydropower. The energy is as a result of the high and low tides that occurs every day. This energy can be trapped and utilized mainly to produce electricity. It is a very reliable source of energy because high and low tide phenomenon will occur every day and we would be sure about the source of energy. The flip side is that rivers and seas are not found everywhere so this can be utilized in a localized form, and also, the initial setting up cost is very high. But with the advancement of technology, the cost would not be a major problem after some years.


Today we can’t think of our world without trains, buses, cars, airplanes, motorbikes, etc. But the fact of concern is that they need fuels to power them, and they are using petrol and diesel which is eventually a byproduct of coal. Also, they are polluting the environment severely because of their nasty emissions. And according to a recent survey made by scientists, if used at this rate, coal will only last for a maximum of 50-60 years. So we had to thrive on other alternatives to fuels. The problem is, still now there is no other choice as good as coal. But scientists are constantly trying to find its alternative. As a result, they today have found the hydrogen powered vehicles, the e-cars, hybrid cars that rely on electricity to run. Car manufacturers are always trying to use alternative fuels that would reduce the cost of vehicles and will have much less impact on polluting the environment.


Biofuels can be a significant alternative to fuels.A biofuel is a fuel that contains energy from geologically recent carbon fixation. These fuels are produced from living organisms. Examples of this carbon fixation occur in plants and microalgae. These fuels are made by a biomass conversion. This biomass can

be converted to available energy containing substances in three different ways: thermal conversion, chemical conversion, and biochemical conversion. This biomass conversion can result in fuel in solid, liquid, or gas form. This new biomass can be used for biofuels. Biofuels have increased in popularity because of rising oil prices and the need for energy security. Nowadays it is being used as an alternative in some parts of Europe. Research is going on to increase its use.



Some simple things can be done by us in our everyday life that could dramatically cut down the use of resources.

1. Conservation of Water-Most of the time it is seen that the bucket is full but still the tap is open, as a result, water spills out, and wastage takes place. At times, it is found that at the date of brushing, washing faces, we keep the tap open even when we do not need it. This practices if abolished can save a lot of water and keep its scarcity away. To achieve this we, the people have to be careful.

2. Conservation of Electricity– This is a serious reason for concern, that power production companies will not get coal anymore after a few decades and as a consequence, we would not get any electricity. At that time life would be miserable. So from now we have to think how to conserve electricity. Some easy ways are to use the daylight as much as possible. School, office operates from morning till evening. So there is a tremendous potential to use the sunlight. The plan of the building should be done effectively to maximize the use of sunlight; ceilings can be made of fibers\glass so that light can come. The street lights can be done solar powered, by which it can utilize the sunlight. Also, homes should try to use the sunlight as much as possible. We had to take care that lights, fans are switched off whenever we leave a room.


3. Conservation of Fossil Fuels-Fossil fuels is diminishing fast. To save it for the near future, we have to be more careful. A way to reduce its use is by decreasing the use of fuel powered vehicles whenever possible. Like if you want to go to a nearby shop that is at a distance of 5 minutes from your home, it is better to walk or cycle. This way we could reduce the use of fossil fuel and also be healthier.

Therefore, Green resources are available; only we had to use them purposefully.

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