Green Shopping: A trend to Follow


In this modern day world, it is very hard to find one common quality between two individuals. Everyone likes being fast paced and have their way of life. But if there is something common among all people, then it has to be the craving to live a lavish life. And of course, a lavish lifestyle demands some wholesome shopping. Shopping gives pleasure to most of the people. But very often do the people relate shopping with nature or think about nature when they go out to shop. This uncommon sight is not just true for a handful of people but majority of the population. But the current scenario of the degrading natural resources and wealth has brought some of the shopping habits of people to the forefront. The question is what is to be done to not give up on one’s shopping desires and at the same time be a responsible citizen of the earth? The answer is quite clear. One should adopt the modern way of shopping. The green shopping! Here are some ways to shop in a green way!

Shop in bulk

The very important step in green shopping is to shop in bulk. Very often people go out to shop and end up buying things in scatters or small quantities. They end up shopping again for the same goods in a few days again. There is no harm in shopping this way. But shopping goods in retail results in accumulation of wastes. This is because the packaging of the goods is often plastic made and hence such retail packs would mean generation of more plastic wastes. Buying in bulk results in the lesser plastic waste generation and hence can help the cause of nature in many ways. Consider an example of buying retail chocolates and buying a chocolate box instead. The difference between the two is quite evident. Isn’t it? This is the essence of green shopping.

Buy Green

When it comes to green shopping, then it is often encouraged to buy green as well. When one says buy green, it is often referred to buying the organic products. One should look for the manufacturing details of the products before adding to the cart while shopping. It is often a better idea to use organic goods than to use the synthetic goods; be it in any form. For instance, if some snack food is to be bought, then one should opt for the organic food packets that are available every day in the supermarkets instead of buying the packaged wafers and chips or biscuits for that matter. Any day, the cookies made at home based places give you a lot better taste than the market biscuits. Organic foods have low trans fat that helps you to control the cholesterol levels. Green shopping can keep you healthy!

Walk when you shop

In cases when your shopping place is within a 10-25 minutes walking range from your house or workplace, you should always choose to walk when you go for shopping. This has no direct connection with green shopping but it is a rather interconnected link which one must take into consideration. Going to shop in vehicles often lead to emissions leading to pollution and a host of other problems like increased traffic. So instead of taking a vehicle, one can always prefer to walk. You can stroll down the lanes and shop what you want. It would serve the purpose of shopping for you and also keep you healthy at heart. A good fruitful way for green shopping, don’t you think you should try this?

Avoid Plastic Bags

This is a rhetorical suggestion that the people have been listening ever since the ages but have failed to implement it in the real life. Whenever, you go for shopping, you should carry your own cloth bag to carry the goods. In case you don’t have the cloth bag, you can always take the plastic bags that are already available in your house. But never demand for a polyethylene bag when you shop. This is what the green shopping technique would request you to do. Moreover, buying a cloth bag won’t charge you much either. So why not go out and shop a cloth bag at the first place instead of beating around the bush and giving excuses to oneself for using the plastic bags?

Reuse the Plastic Bags

In case you forget to take the cloth bag along and you are left with no other option than to take the plastic bag, then you should make sure that you don’t throw away that plastic bag. You can reuse the same plastic bag for shopping next time or for any other purpose. Do not dispose it off directly. Follow the guidelines of green shopping.

E-bill Suggestions

Whenever you go out to a big shopping complex or a small supermarket for that matter, you can always ask for an e-bill. E-bills will help in cutting down the usage of paper which is being used to generate the bills. It might seem like a small piece of paper. But research surveys have found out that the paper bills generated are a huge in number, and this means a lot of paper is being used for this purpose. In case the supermarket does not have this facility, you can always drop in this suggestion in the suggestion box. It is always better to think out of the box. This is what green shopping is all about. Simple things are done in an innovative manner.

Buy what you need

This is a very common sight among the youth these days. The people tend to shop and shop big time. They tend to buy every second thing they see. But later they realize that perhaps they don’t actually need the things that they have just bought. This doesn’t sound sensible because it is indeed an insensible idea to buy everything that one thinks that he wants. One should know to draw the line between what they need and what they want. The difference between the need and want is enormous. Green shopping helps to differentiate the two facets of human nature.


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