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Vehicles like cars, bikes, buses, etc. have become a daily part of our life. But they are also the major contributor to pollutions. And the thing is that they can’t be abandoned because we are very habituated to use this things in our everyday life. So we had to look for solutions, as to both vehicles and our environment remains unaffected. This thought had been stressed by the car manufacturers, and the good thing is that, in collaboration with the scientists they are coming up with new ways to lessen the impact of pollution on the environment done by the cars. The poisonous emissions are CO2 ,CO, SO2,etc. We peoples have to be responsible and take care to improve our Environment.


Solar powered vehicles are those which uses the sun’s light to power them. Here, the conventional fossil fuel is not used, instead it uses the sunlight. These types of cars are running on the roads, but they are few in numbers in the present scenario. What is done in these cars is Solar panels are installed on the body surface of the cars, which receives the sunlight and converts it into electricity which eventually powers the car. Excess power can be stored and can be used in the future whenever it is required. The only disadvantage is the high cost of such cars and sunlight required. Sunlight is not in abundance in some parts of the world, which could pose a major problem. But scientists are hopeful that they could find a way to sort out these problems. Also the initial high cost is compensated by the fact that it will save a lot of money by reducing the use of petrol/diesel. We can expect a bright future for this type of vehicles to operate at a greater range.


E-Vehicles are those which run on electricity. The vehicles have to be charged and then it can run without using conventional fuels. The idea of creating the vehicle is that it will emit very less emissions, and the emissions will not be poisonous unlike that emitted due to the burning of conventional fuels, and will also save fuel. In this way it will contribute a lot to attaining a greener environment. The only disadvantage is that they require frequent charging and it takes time. Also electricity is not that cheap. But the good thing is scientists along with engineers are trying to produce electricity with waste products.


A Hybrid Vehicle is a vehicle that basically has more than one source of power. Suppose an e-vehicle is travelling and it has no charge after going for some distance. This problem can be avoided if there is another source of power like a conventional power system that would keep the vehicle moving. This is an example of a hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid Electric Petroleum-powered vehicles most commonly use an Internal Combustion Engine and electric batteries to power the vehicle.

Hydraulic and pneumatic hybrid vehicles use an engine to charge a pressure accumulator to drive the wheels via hydraulic (liquid) or pneumatic (compressed air) drive units. In most cases the engine is detached from the drivetrain, serving solely to charge the energy accumulator. The transmission is seamless. Regenerative breaking can be used to recover some of the supplied drive energy back into the accumulator.

Petro-air hybrid technology is invented by a French company, MDI, which has designed and has working models of a petro-air hybrid engine the car. The system does not use air motors to drive the vehicle, being directly driven by a hybrid engine. The engine uses a mixture of compressed air and gasoline injected into the cylinders. A key aspect of the hybrid engine is the “active chamber”, which is a compartment heating air via fuel doubling the energy output.

This way the fuel consumption goes down which will reduce pollution.


Another good way to reduce nasty emission is by the use of alternative fuels which will does not harm the environment as is done by diesel, petrol. Biofuels is by far the most suitable alternative fuel. A Biofuel is a fuel that contains energy from geologically recent carbon fixation. This fuel is produced from living organisms like plants and microorganisms. Popularity of Biofuels is increasing because of rising oil prices and the need for energy security. Biofuels includeBioethanol, which is an alcohol made by fermentation, mostly from carbohydrates produced in sugar or starch crops such as corn, sugarcane. Ethanol can be used as a fuel for vehicles in its pure form, but it is usually used as a gasoline additive to increase octane and improve vehicle emissions. Bioethanol is widely used in the USA and in Brazil. Biodiesel can be used as a fuel for vehicles in its pure form, but it is usually used as a diesel additive to reduce levels of particulates, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons from diesel-powered vehicles. Biodiesel is produced from oils or fats using transesterification and is the most common Biofuel in Europe. Modern engines can permit a blend of 15% of Bioethanol along with gasoline. If this technology is used throughout the world then a lot of fuel can be saved and also will reduce pollution.

Hydrogen fuel can be another alternative.

The other fuel which is now in research table is vehicle powered by vegetable oil. The wastes of vegetable are processed and oil is extracted from it, after processing it can be used as fuel used to run vehicles.


This is an effective way to increase car performance by improving the car design. If the body panels are made of carbon fiber which is incredibly light and is super strong, then body weight will come down and less thrust will be required to power the vehicle which in turn will reduce the use of fuel and cut down pollution. We the car buyers should avoid attaching more items in the car which would make it heavy and will consume more fuel.


We have to move on to Green Vehicles. There seems to be no other option. The good thing is that the big car manufacturing companies like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, etc. are trying desperately to manufacture and promote this type of cars. In fact, Toyota had gone a step further and already manufactured and marketed a Green car named “ Toyota Prius”. Other companies are coming up with ideas and prototypes of these type of cars. To save our “Mother Earth” we have to drive Green Vehicles.

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