Home Remedies for Common Illnesses. Part II


When a common illness ails you, you have two ways of healing yourself. Firstly, by natural medication and secondly, with the help of medicines. Now the second method, i.e. medicines may work faster and be more convenient, but medicines have a way of healing you. They are chemicals compounds that mix with your blood and help your body fight against the viruses present in your body. But it does all of that at a price. All medicines have certain side-effects to them, from the simplest to the most complex ones. It is true that at times medicines became a necessity but given human nature of getting things done instantly, we pop a pill for whatever small thing that is ailing us. This is where we make medicines a necessity when it is not, and it is not a good habit.

In the first installment of this article, we discussed home remedies to relieve you of headaches, cold, and cough. In this article, we will discuss home remedies for a couple more illnesses that will save you the trip to the drug store and help in keeping you healthy, naturally.

Heartburn or Acid Reflex or Acidity

Had some spicy food? Can feel your chest burning up every time you burp? Thinking of having a medicine? If yes, then don’t. If no, well good for you!

Whatever we eat goes straight to our stomach, and it is digested there. The stomach uses acid to digest the foods that you have eaten. Different food items require different acid amounts to digest. Heartburn occurs when this acid flows up your esophagus or the food pipe as it is commonly known.

To relieve yourself of this burning sensation, there are few things that you can do.

  • First of all, Eat Slowly. You should never fast. Eating fast causes your body to produce more acid to digest the food as the food spends less amount of time in your mouth. And more acid means heartburn. Eating slowly ensures proper breakdown of food and then leading to proper digestion. So never cream and eat peacefully.
  • Secondly, use natural medication i.e. herbs. Licorice root, chamomile, meadowsweet leaf and marshmallow root all help in controlling your stomach acid and reducing heartburn. To use, you can make a tea with a couple of teaspoons with these herbs to have it after your meal.

Licorice Root

  • Stress less. Believe it not but stressing too much can lead to heartburn. How? Stressing makes your body produce a hormone called cortisol that leads to an increase in production of acid in your stomach and hence, heartburn.
  • And lastly, Sit Upright. Avoid lying down right after your meal as this can lead to heartburn itself. Sit upright after your meal or better yet, take a walk. The actual purpose of doing all of this is to take help of gravity. Gravity will help keep your stomach acid your stomach only.

Chamomile Flower


It is pretty certain that all of you are leading a stressful life. Be it at work or school or your home, stress can grip you anywhere. For some, worse than the others.

Releasing stress is not as difficult as you might think. If stress is affecting your life and health too much, you can try any one of the methods listed below instead of opting for medicines.

  • Sleep: Sleep well to reduce your stress levels. Your body repairs you when you are sleeping. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep will work wonders in helping you relax.
  • Let your emotions: Don’t keep your emotions bottled up. Emotions are meant to be shared. Laugh with your friends or cry your heart out if you feel like it, but just let it out!
  • Eating Well: Yes, eating healthy help in keeping your stress levels in check. Stressing releases hormones such as cortisol that require vitamin C to be produced. Too much of stress can deplete your body’s store of these essential nutrients, and it’s your job to replenish its needs. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to stock up on vitamins B and C.
  • Breathe: Breathing deeply helps your brain relax. It’s the most natural way of relaxing your body and mind. Sit upright and breathe and as you do so, feel your stomach expanding as you inhale.
  • Yoga: All of the must have heard about yoga. It helps in relieving you of stress and also is a good way to exercise to keep you healthy and in shape.
  • Herbal Tea: Finally, nature’s medication to release our stress. Make tea with herbs such as Tulsi, chamomile or lavender. Avoid caffeine intake when you’re stressed out as that will lead to more stress.

Tulsi leaf


Diarrhea or politely known as an upset stomach occurs when your body is fighting a virus or a toxin that it is trying to expel out of the body. Just like coughing, this also your body’s natural way of eliminating a harmful substance from your system. You might want to have a medicine to suppress the need of visiting the bathroom again and again but preventing the body to do its natural thing will only make the body find other means to expel the virus from the body. So it is usually best to let it run its course and use natural medication to help in relieving you and get your health back to optimum levels.

  • Drink Water:  Water helps in keeping your body hydrated. During this period, your body will be throwing out a lot of water along with a lot of vitamins while trying to flush out the toxins. So drinking plenty of water along with the occasional electrolyte is of great importance. Drink you water a little cool so that it is easy on the stomach.

Coconut water also acts as an excellent electrolyte when you’re ill.

  • Eating: When you are suffering from this illness it is best to lay off solid foods for the time being and switch to liquid food intake. Avoid food items made of milk and eat fruits like apples, bananas, and potatoes.
  • Ginger Tea: Make some tea with ginger for yourself and have it when you are suffering. Ginger will soothe your digestive track and intestines ultimately giving you relief.
  • Herbal Remedies: There are quite a few herbs that will be very helpful in soothing your upset stomach. Use chamomile or slippery elm, both in the form of tea to help relax your digestive track and intestines.

Slippery Elm leaf.

Mother Nature has provided us with life in abundance and also ingredients to help us live better. It has provided with remedies for almost all of the small illnesses which can save us a trip to the doctor and use of medicines. It is up to us to reap the benefits of these natural remedies. Even though these are proven and effective, if it does not work for you, it is best to consult your doctor.

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