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In this era of destructive progression, man seeks to conquer heights that he is ever willing to scale at any cost. Despite repeated warnings and advice, we are never going to compromise personal pleasure for the sake of others and never do we stop to think twice. All the harm we are inflicting on the surroundings for the sake of our benefits will one day put us in danger. Yes, with the random climatic changes and unpredictable storms that are threatening life on earth from time to time man’s doom has begun. But it’s equally depressing at the same time, to know that we are not ready to correct our wrongdoings.

Despite the loss of land, despite the water and electricity shortages we are facing every day, despite natural calamities, we live; inflicting more harm on the environment. In this light, we need to be grateful because there are at least some people spread across the universe who have raised these issues over and over and are today contributing to their style to protect the environment in which we live. I am glad that there exist in this planet human, who still believe that earth is a gift to man from nature. Had it not been for her, we would not have had a home to live, food to survive and clothes to cover our vanity. It is high time we realized the graveness of the situation and ended our wrongs.

So here is a list of some popular environmental organizations who have been working for quite some time now trying to correct the wrongs and build a new life for future generations. Those of you who believe in the ideology and think alike are welcomed with open hands by these organizations to help in ways that you feel is appropriate and right as citizens of the planet.

1. WORLD WILDLIFE FUND: All of us are well aware of the organization. There have been many successful ventures undertaken by this organization that is quite appreciable but do we know what the WWF is? It is in fact, one of the best-known organizations for the protection of endangered species and their habitats around the world. WWF has been functioning for over 40 years till date, and they sure are trying to create an influential impact among people. They accept funds from dedicated environment lovers, and if you are one, you can always donate via their website Currently, they are keen on protecting lions and snow leopard, choose good wood and save forests and eat sustainable sea food.

2. GREENPEACE INTERNATIONAL: Another popular organization devoted to the protection of natural surroundings, the motto of Greenpeace International has been the preservation of earth since their founding in 1971. Unlike other environmental organizations, the Greenpeace International believes in their method of ‘bearing witness’ to environment related crimes to better the world in which we live. Of date, the organization is best known for their protest against ships. Ocean conservation, climate change prevention, forest preservation and the protection of endangered species are some of the serious issues that are dealt by the Greenpeace International. If you choose to join their venture, never stop to think twice because they provide you the best opportunity to speak for the rights of the environment in which we thrive.

3. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY: TV buffs will have no difficulty in recognizing this institution as their channel, the National Geographic has contributed tremendously in promoting wildlife and wildlife conservation. It is worth mentioning that the National Geographic Society has played an incredible role in bringing to the forefront the major issues that have been troubling the plant and animal species of the present day society. In fact, the organization itself is one of the longest running in the world, with its creation in 1888. Their experience is priceless, and there is no degree of comparison that can be done about the infinite initiatives they have undertaken to bring about a change in life on earth.

4. FRIENDS OF THE EARTH: With over 70 national member groups and representatives of all continents involved in their ventures, Friends of the Earth have always stood by the motto suggested by their name to rise to the position of one of the largest working environmental groups. Formed around 1956, the organization concentrates mainly on climatic changes, forest preservation, fair trade, proper use of taxes and the banning of genetically modified organisms. Friends of the Earth is one organization where you can see the world coming together to raise their voices against heinous injustices. It is a platform for everyone, irrespective of whether you’re young or old, irrespective of cast, creed, and religion to proclaim your support for productive causes. Visit the website if you’ve found them motivating and inspiring and contribute for a better future.

5. NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION: If there’s a group of ambitious individuals who are ready to work setting aside personal differences and ego issues because they think alike when it come to a preservation of the losing wildlife, it is the members of the National Wildlife Federation. They are ever willing to undertake issues, organize protests and campaigns and even question the government when it comes to protecting wildlife and wild animals. Wolves, salmon, bison and whooping cranes are a few among the long list of endangered species the community is striving to bring back to a normal environment at any cost. In fact, they even organize environmental awareness sessions in different parts of the country lest they feel they do nothing to let the masses know about the deplorable state of the society in which we live.

6. NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY: While many organizations talk about depleting forest canopies, endemic wildlife species, and natural disasters, the National Audubon Society is keen on protecting birds. The society’s declared missions go like this – “to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity”. I wish atleast some of us were willing to think alike and was ready to let go of some worldly pleasures to secure a happy future. The organization has been functioning night and day since the 1800’s. The National Audubon Society also publish a magazine that is solely dedicated to information about birds.



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