What you Should Know About Global Warming


Meanwhile huge armies of experts are still debating if the global warming is a true issue or an elaborated hoax, almost everybody can perceive by itself the effects of this phenomenon on a worldwide scale. Saying this, is more than clear that this problem will affect everybody. It doesn’t matter in which country do you live, how money you have or your race. In the end, you will be affected as well.

The scientific nature of the case makes most people to have plenty of doubts about the subject. Is elemental to share all the possible information about this problem, because knowledge is exactly what can save us. Ignoring clear facts about global warming makes us a negative factor. That makes us a part of the problem itself.

But there are serious barriers. There are too many powerful companies that have more interest in profit than taking care of the Earth’s health. Then, powerful people at the heads of these companies often manipulate politics and press to maintain the subject in the shadow.

Along global warming, overall contamination is affecting us. Throwing toxic waste in rivers and open sea represents a serious threat as well, this one being at short-term. But beyond what it is exactly hurting the planet, you should know more about global warming and climate change. Knowing more will allow you to have an ecological life, one with a positive impact on the Earth.

  1. When it is about records, 2014 was known as the world’s hottest year since international organizations keep track of it. This beat the previous record, set by 2010. Before it, 2005 was the hottest year. Of expected, this raised the red flags at the moment of the announcement.
  2. Today’s content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the highest in comparison with the last 800.000 years. If you take into consideration the time we have been using vehicles and other elements that create pollution and compare it with the 800.000 fact, you will understand the seriousness of the issue.
  3. The United States of America produce the 25 percent of the carbon dioxide pollution from the fossil-fuel burning of the whole world. At the same time, this country only holds 4 percent of the total worldwide population.
  4. Oddly, global warming could turn the jungle zones in deserts and deserts in jungles. This is because the deep impact of the environment conditions.
  5. Worldwide sea levels had suffered a raise of 8 inches since 1870, which implies a mid-term risk for populations close to the sea.
  6. Thanks to a highly erratic behavior and blind ambition, China is planning to build one electric station powered by coal each week for the next decade.
  7. Only around 20 percent of the plastic bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate get to the recycling process. The rest of the bottles ends up in landfills, which nowadays are a reference center of grotesque contamination. Also, notice that almost 50 billion of bottles containing drinking water are consumed Do the math.
  8. At least, for the United States, the events and aftermath directly linked with the actual process of climate change costs to the country around US$100 billion each year.
  9. Replacing coal-burning power production with renewable energy processes represent an efficient way to slow down the global warming. Also, it represents a cheaper way to produce power when you consider it at mid and long-term.
  10. Have always in mind that global warming is getting worse every day that pass. This is considered a fact because the applied measures are way less significant than the modern rate of development of countries, which involves elements like new manufacturing factories and more vehicles on the road.
  11. Heat waves are close related to global warming. In this matter, an increasing number of cases of wildfire and glaciers’ aggressive meltdown are linked to this phenomenon. Also, heat waves cause many deaths each year, affecting directly the quality of living.
  12. Unbelievable as it sounds, global warming is also linked with more powerful hurricanes and storms. A storm gets energy from the heat coming to the oceans’ water. The hotter the water, the stronger the storm. While global warming’s main effect increases the oceans’ temperature, storms get the chance to become bigger and deadlier.
  13. Further north populations in America, like the towns located in Alaska, had reported that several bird species are now changing drastically migration patterns and behavior. Locals tell that those species, like robins, had never gone through that zone. This impact on animal’s behavior has a close link with climate change.

Phenomena like global warming and climate change is often received as a hoax. An important share of the United States population thinks that exactly that. Knowing proven facts about the subject helps to support the theory and push forward political movements that are trying new laws to reduce pollution.

Without the government’s serious intervention, it is almost impossible to reduce the necessary amount of pollution and fight back the global warming’s effects. Unfortunately, today’s industry isn’t caring about this issue. Without the official pressure to take the required measures, the problem will become worse.

On the other hand, industries like the automotive one had achieved important goals related to ecology and the Earth’s preservation. Huge projects related to electric-powered vehicles are making good progress, representing a viable alternative to leaving behind the fossil fuels.

While the car population is a notoriously responsible for the worldwide pollution, there are other aspects to take still care. But there isn’t going to be any real progress if the people don’t take the matter seriously. Global warming is a real problem, with consequences already hitting us. How to ignore this fact?

Read more and get close to the issue. As individuals, we can make a difference to have a positive impact slowly. Isn’t late yet. Global warming and climate change are two problems with solutions. But time goes by and the Earth gets worst.

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