Moral Quotient behind Green Living


Green Living – A deeper insight

The concept of green living is something very trending and new. Green living is a term attributed to a lifestyle that is environment-friendly or eco-friendly in all possible ways.  With the generations passing, the need to adopt an eco-friendly or green living lifestyle is becoming mandatory. It is now mandatory not only because it is eco-friendly but because it is as beneficial as for humans as it is for nature. By adopting such a lifestyle people get a healthier, cleaner, safer and greener life. And not to forget, choosing green living is also many times safe and good for the pocket as well.

But there is one another aspect of green living that is often overlooked and ignored by many of us. As the factors of healthy living, cheaper and eco-friendly living to seem inviting to us for adopting a green-living lifestyle, similarly, there is also a moral quotient involved behind adopting this way of life.

What is moral quotient and how does it imply to Green Living?

To understand the moral quotient behind green living, one has first to know what a moral quotient in these terms signifies. The term moral quotient here stands for what might be the probable reasons that too moral reasons that motivate an individual to adopt green living. Yes, no matter how much one denies human psychology is evident of the fact that humans are in some way ruled by values and morals. It is quite interesting to understand the whole role play of morals in here.

Let us first bring into consideration as to what possibly can motivate or give us direction to follow a green living. Since past few generations, human beings are experiencing deterioration in life. Not only at the mental level where the peace of mind is often disturbed, but also on the social level. And our social life involves environment. Here is where we are lacking, and this is what we need to focus upon. We have to focus on what are the changes taking place in the environment and how directly or indirectly are they affecting our life in every possible way. We are the generation who are witnessing how the population is suffocating the Earth, how pollution is degrading natural and human life and how the altered climatic conditions are becoming a life threat to every sort of life on Earth. We are quite aware of all the natural disasters taking place that are inadvertently caused by human mistakes. The insatiable or bad need and greed of human has made us to destroy the Earth to the present condition and now we are very well aware that if continue this ruthless behavior then we will be the last generation enjoying benefits of nature. So this is the foremost motivation that every individual should regard as their sole duty towards nature and adopt green living to ensure a safe life for all.

Green Living – A Social and Moral Responsibility

Another motivation that at an individual level should be looked upon at is that as moral beings we should consider the fact that our Mother Nature has blessed us with a bountiful of things. Be it the fresh air rich in oxygen, or the soils rich in nutrients and minerals, be it the vast variety of flora and fauna or the huge spectrum of life under the ocean, inside the earth as well on the surface we are blessed with the tons of resources by Mother Nature. And since the beginning of human life we are just continuously depleting the resources, using them to our advantage, ruthlessly destroying nature and we never even tend to look back at the damage to what we have done. We are the most ungrateful of all beings because we are missing what was given to us a gift and to this excess that now we are even deteriorating the river itself. The whole concept of why nature is being regarded as Mother Nature originated to bring a real moral and ethical value to live but with time, we slowly forget about what moral values are expected of us as humans.

We are considered the most superior in the chain of creation and yet we are behaving in the most savage way possible. We are using nature for our benefits and in turn, we are just giving it pollution and damages of every kind. This is the situation that every individual should think about and ask himself or herself that what is the moral quotient or the role of a person for a green living.

Moral quotient behind green living also works at a social level. We humans are social “animals”, and this is what we have to use our strength to become a voice for the society and motivate everyone to join in and adopt the green way of life.

It is time to turn our attention to Nature as well as on ourselves. Green Living is not a magic wand; it is a style of life that can be achieved if we are willing to practice it.

Green living is simply a lifestyle that involves a conscious choice of living in a particular manner in which there is a mutual benefit for Nature and humans. Some fundamental concepts that lay the groundwork for green living are to adopt the rule of 3R’s that are specified as Recycle-Reuse-Reduce. We can use them in homes, offices, schools and every possible field of life. Other than this, green living focuses on how to use less energy that is save energy and use it as judiciously as possible. Also, green living marks a distinction between how to use the best out of waste instead of just using best and wasting the rest. These concepts if are accepted by at least half of the human population worldwide then the world will soon become a very different and beautiful place to live in.

So, if one has to break down the meaning of moral quotient behind green living then in simple terms it is the one’s responsibility as an inhabitant of Earth to adopt green living and become a dutiful and responsible individual. If we are not going to care about the Earth, we will invite our doom by our self. It is high time for us to realize our moral responsibility towards Mother Nature. Let us not just focus on what resources we will leave for our future generations but also on what sort of future generations will follow us. Let us not be the savage greedy beings and believe and work together for mutual benefit and adopt green living.

Be responsible towards Nature – socially and morally. That will help us, our future generations and our planet.

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