The Need of Eco-friendly Urbanization


Along with the progress of human civilization, urbanization has also increased. Urbanization is the development of cities and cities came on earth about 5000 years ago on riversides. Some of the examples are Cairo developed around the Nile in ancient Egypt and Babylon, which is now Iraq located around Tigris river. But along with this urbanization activity, natural habitats like forests were sacrificed. As the urbanization is increasing, deforestation and industrialization are increasing. However, these activities need to be eco-friendly to protect our environment because any unsustainable activity is harmful. The greatest tool we have to protect earth is maintaining a healthy environment.

A healthy environment means a beautiful world. To ensure this, we need people to treat nature and all its elements as their friends. Every day changes in people’s lifestyles are leading to rapid increases in demands. More factories, roads, highways and tall skyscrapers are just a few signs of rapid urbanization. This fast urbanization has slowly led to diminishing greenery in our cities. Villages are also slowly transforming into cities. However, when urbanization and development are environmentally sustainable, it is not harmful. When any development is within the bounds of all environmental laws and has very small effects on the environment can be called sustainable. If we think about the environment before all out activities, then we can minimize any harm caused by us. But in the modern world, there is a lot of competition for development. Because of that, we have sacrificed the environment for more urbanization.

Factories are being constructed without any regard for environmental laws and proper waste management. Our wetlands are being covered by landfills and dams are being constructed on our rivers, brick field, deforested areas, etc. These activities are not conducive to a healthy environment. Even though we have environmental laws, they are not enforced in most cases. Most of the factories have little to no programs for waste management. Untreated industrial waste is being dumped directly into our rivers. This water pollution is harming the aquatic ecosystem and consequently the whole environment. Landfills replacing wetlands for urban development is a huge problem in our cities. These water bodies help store the excess water from our cities and are home to many aquatic species. Due to lack of rivers, excess water is collected in our cities during monsoon and often leads to large floods. Other than this, both legal and illegal construction and development have drastically changed India’s riverine environment.

All our major rivers have been slowly transformed into waste dumps. The metropolitan cities in India are nothing but home to concrete, bricks, wood, and stones today. The parks that are left in these cities are in poor shape. Botanical gardens and parks act as lungs for clean and healthy cities. We surely need more parks, fields, playgrounds and lakes in our cities. But today, our cities are like concrete jungles and its hard to find any touch of nature here. The air, soil, and water are all polluted here. Supplying water for skyscrapers is leading to excess usage, and this is causing water levels to decrease every day. In hilly areas of India, hills are being cut for urban development causing a lot of harm. Sometimes, these unstable constructions can cause deadly landslides on the hills.

When we are sitting in the nature surrounded by plants and trees, it feels really good. Plants, animals, and all other natural things need to be there. We humans are also a part of the environment. The soil, air and water in our cities need to be pure. Adequate amounts of greeneries should be present in any sustainable city. All kinds of animals and insects will be there alongside humans in a healthy sustainable city. Clean air and clean water are needed to keep us healthy. It is not just about us because unplanned urbanization is also harming our wildlife. Roads, shops, and homes are being built. We have filled up almost all the water bodies in our cities. We have cut down most of the trees, forests, and farmlands that are around the cities.We get wood, oxygen, greenery and safe habitats for wildlife in our forests. Many animals and birds are on the verge of extinction just because of the deforestation. We can hardly see any sparrows and crows around in our cities. We have destroyed their natural habitats. They are forced to live in our concrete jungles where they can not survive too long. Urbanization will go on, and it is not a bad thing because we need it to survive but we have to plan it out.

To protect the environment, sustainable and eco-friendly development is essential. We need waste management facilities and enforcement of environmental laws. There is a need for Protection of natural gardens and areas, trash dumps for domestic waste and increased awareness among the general public. We need to create an Urban planning process, and urban development should always have to adhere to this process. We also need better management and governance in our cities. The essential element of modern life and development is electricity. We need to decrease the use of electrical things and unregulated electricity at an individual level. We also should use alternative energy sources like solar power to help the environment.

Through recycling and waste management, we can produce new goods. As a city grows, initiatives and programs for sustainable development have to make the city eco-friendly. Planned roads, sewage systems, specific industrial areas and adequate greenery is very important. Without the need for controlling the environment, eco-friendly activities help both humans and nature. Because protecting the environment is extremely important alongside urban development. We need a healthy city where city dwellers will remain healthy both physically and mentally. Planning urban development with sustainability is obviously a win-win situation for all of us. We need to create campaigns and put pressure on the government for sustainable development. We also need to stand against people destroying our environment. If we move forward together, we can create eco-friendly cities and sustainable urbanization.

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