Norway – Leading The Environmental Revolution.


In today’s day and age, the hottest theme being followed all around the globe is going green. Every country in the world is striving to be eco-friendly to try and make up for the past wrong doings. And with green technology evolving rapidly, new milestones are being reached almost every day, offering countries a wide array of options to go environment friendly. There is one country that has led the entire group of countries in the go-green revolution, and that is Norway.

Oslo, Norway – Greenest International City!

A little about Norway

Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is nestled in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula near the Arctic Circle, is the leader in sustainable development and energy efficiency. Norway had taken extensive steps to go environment friendly before the go green revolution hit the rest of the world. Renewable energy sources amount to 95% of the total energy generated in the country, with an aim to go completely dependent on renewable sources of energy in the near future.

Norway is the second richest country in the world, offering one of the best standards of living globally. Norway is also considered to be the best well-functioning and stable country in the entire world. The healthy economy of Norway combined with its vast accumulated wealth can help it stay among the richest in the world for quite some time.  Norway also houses the greenest international city of the world – Oslo, also the capital of Norway.

How does Norway go green?

  • Use of renewable sources of energy: Norway uses hydroelectricity as its primary source of energy generation. 95% of the total energy generated in Norway comes from hydro resources. Hydro-electricity generates electricity from water and has far less impact on human health and the environment than energy generated from coal and fossil fuels. Norway plans to completely fossil-fuel free in the near future.
  •  Initiatives taken by the government: The government in Norway gives incentive to people to going green. Incentives are given out to buildings that have high energy efficiency and green. Also, the government has a green council that is constantly on the lookout to go green. Recently the green council of Oslo voted to switch all home heating from oil to renewable sources, a bold step considering the amount of energy the metropolitan city of Oslo uses in a day.


  • E-vehicles: With a population of around five million, Norway is not as populated as most of the other countries. Yet, the number of electronic vehicles in the country is more than majority of the world. This is chiefly because, the government of Norway does not levy as much taxes on import of electronic vehicles as it does on internal combustion engine vehicles. This combined with the extensive dependency on hydroelectric power significantly cuts down on carbon dioxide emissions – one of the key culprit in environmental pollution.
  • Efficient Public Transportation System: The people of Norway are not dependent on cars as much. Instead they use the rail and bus systems, which are highly efficient making getting around the city very easy and fast. Also, the fact the Norway has a rough terrain may play a role in people using public transport as it makes driving a tedious process instead of an enjoyable one. Norway has decided on converting its entire fleet of buses from running on fossil fuels to green fuel.
  • Agricultural Farms: Even though Norway is chiefly dependent on its oil reserves for its economy, agriculture plays an important part too. Norway has a lot of farms that are situated in places that seem inaccessible amidst a pocket of green. Farms are not only used for agriculture but also see to it that the greenery around them is protected and well kept.
  • E-Hotels: Broadly speaking, what city of what country doesn’t have hotels right? And especially the international metropolitan cities. Being a hub they have far more hotels and grand ones at that. Almost all the hotels in Norway are green hotels. They use renewable sources of energy and all the amenities provided in the hotel are eco-friendly. The hotels aim for waste reduction and also the food served in the hotel is organic and farm fresh.


Fleischer’s Hotel in Voss, Norway

  • The people of Norway: The most valuable asset of any country is its residents. The people of Norway, or Norwegians as they are commonly referred to play a crucial part in the eco-friendly attitude of the country. School kids in Norway either walk or cycle or use public transport to get to schools. The adults use the same means to get around the cities as well. The locals help in keeping their area clean and frequent the large number of parks provided the government.

Norway has been extremely efficient in harnessing and using renewable sources of energy. The perks offered by the government only add to the country’s effectiveness in going green. Owing to all of the steps taken, the air in cities of Norway is clean and fresh. Combined with its unique and beautiful landscape and the inhabitants, Norway sure is a heaven on Earth.

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