The Plant Based Diet – Truly Life Changing


We are what we eat. Just by changing our diet, incorporating more plants and more vegetables into our diet, we can change our lives. The plant-based diet helps in preventing over sixty percent of chronic disease deaths. There have been a lot of research about what the plant-based diet can do for us. Killing and butchering animals and making them a part of our meal is not a very high level of humanity. We belong to the same biological kingdom and share the same planet. We can get all the necessary nutrients from plant based diet. There is a book named “The China Study”, which shows how our nutrition can improve our heart health and prevent diabetes, cancer, and strokes. Here are some other beneficial things that you didn’t know about the plant-based diets.

1. Full of Protein

One of the biggest myths is that we can not get enough protein from plant-based foods, and we have to go for nonvegetarian food to keep up. But the reality is that you get the complete proteins from the plant, and they also have these amino acids that the body can not produce by itself. Some top plant-based foods with complete proteins are Pumpkin/squash seeds, black walnuts, pine nuts, roasted almonds, pistachios, peanuts without shells, cashews, hemp seeds and flax seeds. These all foods are full of essential nutrients and low in lysine. Then there are also some dairy products like Romano cheese, provolone cheese, and Ricotta cheese that all are low fat and full of proteins, but it is better to avoid them as they are also animal products. Spinach, broccoli, soybeans, potato and sun-dried tomatoes are some vegetables with an enormous amount of protein. Even if you workout, you can go for plant-based diets and still grow muscles.

2. Essential Nutrients

A lot of people say that there are no nutrients in plants, but you have to know that plants have everything that our body needs. You have watercress and avocados with low saturated fats, and these are full of vital nutrients too. It helps with your digestion and provide growth hormones and antibiotics to our body. They provide our bodies with necessary fuel, energy, and water. Much of the junk food we eat is acidic in nature and produces inflammation in the body which can cause many heart diseases. So, the plant-based diet helps in balancing us out.

3. Increased Spirituality

Spirituality is not something that you practice; it is something that comes from inside out. It is who you are. Plant based diet gives you a divine connection with mother earth, better connection with animals because you start to see that we all are one. If you are eating meat a lot, then you are losing that connection with the mother nature. Vegetarian food helps in raising your vibration, and that is how you can discover the truth about yourself. There is a real connection between what we eat and how we behave. Only a meat eater will disagree with the last sentence. There is an important quote by famous musician Carlos Santana – “I don’t eat meat because meat brings out negative qualities such as fear, anxiety, aggressiveness, etc. Vegetable peacefully offers themselves to the earth when ripe, thus allowing a sublime and peaceful thought-consciousness.”

4. Cardiovascular Diseases

Because of high levels of cholesterol, there are high chances of having cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome. Eating animals produce a big amount of cholesterol within the body that can cause heart failure, arrhythmia, and some other heart valve problems. There are a lot of people living with diabetes today, and plant-based diet can help them avoiding it. When you add more fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, you start getting all the essential vitamins and carbohydrates.

5. Great Energy levels

Having plant-based foods give us insane energy levels and great mental stability. We can just go on and on. It is not just about eating; it is about what we feed all our senses because everything is connected. When exercising is mixed with plant-based foods, it helps us in becoming the greatest version of ourselves. We should give emphasis to whole foods because they make us feel lighter, and there is the vibration boost. It is not just about the masculine energy; it is about the feminine energy too. We feel more awake and more alive in every sense and transitioning to a plant-based diet and eating more organic foods makes our skin glow & we feel young again.

6. Improved Digestion

The whole foods have the complete enzymes within them. Therefore, they help us in digesting the food. Many people on this planet are stuck and constipated because they are eating these refined foods. Animal based diet robs you of the healthy cells that help in digestion. We think that we can keep overloading our system with these processed foods and just put in whatever we want and then expect to maintain a healthy body. But ultimately it catches up with the body and the body gets overwhelmed. It is tough for the digestive system to process all that extra salt and preservatives that are put into the food. Plant based diet is comparatively lighter than animal based diet, and our body can digest that with ease.

7. Compassion with animals

Eating plant-based diet also increases compassion with animals because when we are eating them, we are eating ourselves. It is very mindful because we are the superior species on the planet, and it is our duty to take care of other living creatures. The word ‘Human” itself means kind and compassionate, and when we are eating the plant food that is given to us by mother nature, tender feelings of affection and care towards animals start to spring in our hearts. Turning vegetarian may not be an easy task, but it is truly life changing. It gives us that calming mental state and increase the soft feelings within ourselves. The animals have their purpose here, their destiny and their experiences to fulfill, and we are supposed to be helping them and protecting them, not eating them.

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