Plants that heal!


Several plants have been used around the globe for medicinal purposes that can be collectively termed as ‘green medicines’. These plants are very helpful in preventing the attack of fungi and insects. These medicines have started to replace the conventional types (of medicines) and have gained immense prominence throughout the world. Furthermore, they also cause negligible side effects on human beings compared to the traditional ones. Several herbs and spices have proved to be very effective in treating diseases and other such problems. Several weeds like nettle, dandelions and chickweed also are said to have some of the medicinal properties. Most of the plant medicines were originally derived from the angiosperms that are apparent, the flowering plants. Ever since the Paleolithic ages, the use of these herbs has widely ameliorated and has grown as an active branch of medicine.
The study of these herbs goes back to the Sumerian times where the names of these herbs were mentioned on tablets that included a plethora of highly effective medicines like opium and myrrh. Also, in India, Ayurveda deals with the use of medicinal plants and the use of turmeric.
There are plenty of herbs that are used as medicine. Some of them are listed below:

1) Alfalfa:

This is a perennial flowering plant whose use dates back to the ages of ancient Romans and Greeks. In early Chinese medicines, these alfalfa plants were used to treat diseases that pertained to kidney disorders or even the digestive tracts.Though this is a highly beneficial plant, the American National Institutes of Health clearly declares that the evidence about its benefits/uses is insufficient.

2) Cranberry:

They are dwarf evergreen shrubs that are bestowed with some amazing properties like high nutrient content and antioxidant qualities. They are also said to cure urinary tract infections and provide a lot of nutrients to the body that mainly include dietary fibers, dietary mineral and also vitamin C. They also provide the necessary micronutrients to the body.

3) Dandelion:

Though they are nothing but weeds, they do showcase a whole lot of amazing properties in medicine. They are said to have a high amount of pharmacologically active compounds that uphold their medical uses. It also has been extremely useful in treating problems about liver, bile, and other infections.

4) Fenugreek:

These seeds are popular in the Indian subcontinent as they form an important constituent of several Indian dishes. Fenugreek is mainly used for treating problems like constipation, inflammation of the stomach and even, loss of appetite. Moreover, it also is said to be an important cure for heart-related disorders such as hardening of the arteries and cholesterol problems. Furthermore, kidney ailments, bronchitis, tuberculosis, baldness, cancer, boils and several other such problems can be treated gradually by including a decent amount of fenugreek in one’s diet. Also, when wrapped in cloth and placed on swellings, it can be used to reduce the inflammation and acts as a soothing agent too. It is also said to heal eczema, wounds and leg ulcers too. Fenugreek also is used widely in soaps, cosmetics and serves to be a flavoring agent in tobacco, beverages, etc. Fenugreek also treats diabetes gradually by reducing the absorption of sugar in one’s stomach and simultaneously stimulating insulin. Thus, it can be said to be an important medicinal plant bestowed with a plethora of amazing properties.

5) Tea tree oil:

This is an essential oil that is also called as melaleuca oil. It is used widely in a large number of cosmetics, skin washes, etc. It is also said to cure several dermatological conditions like hair lice, acne, and dandruff. This oil has several splendid features that can cure ailments. Here are a few reasons why you need to use tea tree oil today! :
*Cures allergies: If you are more prone to allergies, then you need to try tea tree oil that is apparently labeled to be a splendid home remedy.Apply a moderate amount of tea tree oil on your abdomen, chest, and feet to reduce the intensity of the respective allergy.
* If you worry about chapped lips, then tea tree oil is the best solution to avoid the drying of lips. In fact, most of the lip balms nowadays, consist of tea tree oil! Otherwise, you can also add one or two drops of tea tree oil to your lip balm and use it as and when needed.
* Nail/toenail fungus can be easily treated with the help of tea tree oil. Apply this oil to the affected area during the mornings as well as night. It will fasten the healing process.
* It also serves to be an excellent mouthwash if you don’t wish to buy the ones available in the market. Tea tree oil is easily available and you could make a mouth wash right in your home to ward off bad breath and plaque.
*Treats Acne: With so many facial treatments and body treatment products being launched fresh in the market, people are often confused with what could basically give them real aftereffects. If you are more on the frugal side, then I bet tea tree oil could do the magic. In fact, it is said to best one of the best treatments for acne. Dab a little amount of this oil on the acne breakouts and you will the acne gradually disappearing. Also, if you still buy face washes, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil to them and use them on a quotidian basis.
*Athlete’s foot: Tree tree oil can be one of the best home remedies for this too. Initially, clean the skin between your toes. Apply tea tree oil(10 drops) on a regular basis in the affected area along with grape seed oil (1 tbsp). Clean your feet with it regularly to subdue the problem.

Apart from this, tea tree oil has several other supreme benefits like treatment of burns, chicken pox, cold sores, flea bites, gum diseases, etc. It can be tagged as a ‘magical fluid’, indeed!

There are several other medicinal plants which also have miraculous affects on our everyday ailments and can be a very good substitute to the traditional medicines of Allopathy. Moreover, these herbs can be used regularly (with expert recommendation) ,since most of them are available abundantly. They also can be labeled as the best ‘home-remedies’ that one can use, as and when needed!

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