When we talk of plastic, the very first thing that comes to mind is pollution. This article leads you to the various pollution caused by plastic and the remedies for those. Plastic is a synthetic or semi-organic substance that can be molded. The name itself says it can be widely used. They can be made as carry bags and what not. A recent research says the consumption of plastic has gone up by 25% over the past two decades.   PROPERTIES OF PLASTICS: This is a matter to be concerned about.

Since, the plastics are not degradable; they accumulate in the soil underneath, and they also disturb the water bed. Normally plastics are of two kinds. They are thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. The thermoplastics can be molded again and again to get new shapes whereas the thermosetting plastics are permanent plastics. Once they are molded, they can’t be remolded. The day to day usage of plastics has been the thermosetting plastics. The raw material for the production of these plastics is far less compared to the thermoplastics. Scientifically speaking, the plastics don’t have a fixed melting and boiling point. They are amorphous in nature they melt down gradually.

HISTORY: The introduction of plastics was first in 1880’s where people started to use plastics by preparing them with the help of organic polymers. Later they got better and better, and now plastics are manufactured with the help of Benzene, epoxy and polychloride. These substances don’t degrade at all. They stay in the environment for years, and they tend to emit some gases that cause harmful effects to skin.

PROPERTIES: Even though this semi-organic substance creates harmful gases, it is still in use because of its interesting properties. Being an amorphous solid, they can be melted at various temperatures to get the desired outcome. They are hard, and they are resistant toward heat as well. The thermoplastics normally don’t conduct electricity but when they are heated along with Toluene they are found to be conducting. Thus, plastics are both conductors and insulators of electricity. They are insoluble in water, and this is the main reason for it’s not- degradability.


The properties might seem pleasing, but when the toxicity of this material is considered, one can say it is the most dangerous material available.It also creates some health hazards, Some of them are listed below:


The increase in temperature of Earth is commonly referred to as Global Warming. This is quite simple to understand. The increased use of plastics brings in a lot more toxic gases like Co2, etc. These surround the surface of Earth and temperature is found increasing almost every one year.


This is very much similar to Global Warming, the gases accumulate in the Earth’s surface, and the polar caps start to melt, due to these melting, the fresh water gets wasted, and there is a shortage of water in many urban places nowadays, soon this water scarcity would be the major problem people would face, it the same trend continues.


The CFC’S released by the toxic plastics cause the ozone layer to deplete. This layer protects the people and animals from the harmful UV rays produced by Sun. The ozone, one of the rarest formation is spread as a  layer between the sun and Earth. Now when the layer gets depleted, the harmful rays would be incident directly onto the skins that cause skin cancer.


Having looked at the harmful and negative side, the positive side i.e. the advantages can be looked into. The main advantages are they are light in weight and easily moldable and, they are easy to colour. Also in the construction of laptops and other electronic goods, plastic plays a vital role. Due to the durable property of plastics, they are unbreakable. Easy water bottles and cups can be made through the thermoplastics, these are the most used kind because of the cost. It is comparatively cheaper to glass. Moreover, it is easy to transport, laptops made of glass.


The only solution to the above-mentioned problems is by limiting the use of plastics and its usage. Even when any product is brought, people have the tendency to ask for carry bags. The shopkeepers have the covers made of the thermoplastic. The government should rope in some strict rules to avoid the plastic carry bags. Many leading producers of clothes and other items have begun the awareness by stopping the issue of plastic carry bags. Instead, they provide the paper bags which cause no harm to the society. The paper bags are comparatively costly but they are worth spending. Those are biodegradable.Those are biodegradable. It is the high time people start realizing the importance of trees, many trees are cut down every day.

This causes the pollution to go up to the maximum level. Everyone must take up the responsibility and avoid PLASTICS, and PLANT TREES


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