The Quintessential Three R’s

Ample amount of waste is generated every day on our earth and every individual holds a significant contribution in it. These wastes in some way or the other are harmful to our environment and if they are not properly dealt then they eventually succumb to pollution. Humans have developed a number of ways to tackle it. All methods which are used to deal with wastes employ the principle of the three R’s- REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. A majority of the population is concerned to inculcate three R’s in their daily life which though not suffices but still a step for uplifting earth from stranded to a healthy position. Our brazen deeds and irresponsible behavior towards our mother earth has led to the extinction of many species and had scathed the earth hence it is our duty to preserve it for our children.


Human needs are insatiable but we can try to fulfill them in a manner which does not harm our environment. An epitome step to help our environment is not to produce waste.

We can reduce the enormous amount of waste by putting some efforts which apart from reducing waste generation will also help us to save money for a better future.


Despite consistent efforts to reduce the waste generated, consumers and industries still produce substantial waste. Much of this waste can be immediately reused efficiently to minimize the strain on the environment and municipal waste management. Instead of throwing things away, try to find ways to reuse them. It makes economic and environmental sense to reuse products.


Many things that we use in our day to day lives can be recycled into new products. Recycling is a series of steps that takes a used material and processes, remanufactures, and sells it as a new product.When waste is eventually discarded, segregating items for recycling from another waste is important. In addition to recycling the things you buy, you can help the environment by buying products that contain recycled materials. Recyclable items should be segregated from nonrecyclable ones and then should be turned into a useable form.

We should implement the three R’s in our day to day lives for a better and healthy earth. Practicing them reduces land pollution to a greater extent and also helps us in the conserving environment. We need to put our heartiest efforts from today only to provide a lively and beautiful earth to our future generations