Renewable sources of energy


The energy that is produced using the natural resources available on the earth is called as renewable energy. This mainly includes solar, the wind, geothermal energy, etc. These natural resources are found in abundance around the globe. We need to use them wisely and efficiently to mitigate the growing demands for nonrenewable resources. These renewable resources are not only best applicable to rural and remote areas but also as alternative fuels to urban areas as well. The secretary general of United Nations Ban Ki-Moon has clearly stated that these renewable sources of energy have the capacity to raise the poorest nations to greater levels of prosperity. We need to use such renewable resources and also encourage others to do the same. Only then can we help in protecting the environment and also saving the non-renewable resources that are under the fear of being wiped out from the surface of the earth.
Renewable energy uses the natural resources that are easily replenished on the earth by various natural phenomena and other such occurrences. Wind power is one such renewable energy that is growing at a very high rate of 30% annually. Apart from these, there are several geothermal and solar stations that are set up around the globe to satisfy the demands of the growing population.
This kind of energy can help in the replacement of several conventional sources of energy which include power generation and also heating. The best methodology that can be adopted in homes and industries for heating is the solar energy. China is said to have nearly 70% of the global total of utilization of solar energy for several household and well as industrial purposes. Also, in Sweden, biomass has seemed to make the best alternative to any other conventional source of energy. Furthermore, renewable energy also has been used for power generation in most of the countries around the world. In countries like Iceland, Austria, Brazil and New Zealand, power generation is mainly done using solar energy and other renewable sources.
Why must we switch to renewable sources of energy?
1) Protection of the environment:

The best way that we can adopt to save the environment is to start using renewable sources of energy.These sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of energy will also help to conserve the natural resources and save electricity and other nonrenewable sources of energy for the future.
2) Lower prices:

Renewable energy helps us to save a lot of our electricity expenses as well. By switching to solar power, we can even qualify for a subsidy by the government.
3) Reliable supply:

Nowadays, even renewable sources of energy have claimed a ‘reliability’ label. In fact, there are several remote areas even in India, which have started to use solar energy whenever the electrical grid supply doesn’t seem to be reliable. Also, renewable sources of energy not only save the expenses but also protect the environment.

Now that we are already acquainted by the several reasons why you need to switch to renewable energy, you also need to have a glance at the several renewable sources that you could adopt at an affordable price.
1) Biomass:

We are not just talking about producing biofuel but also about getting rid of the wastes that lie in our surroundings. What could be better than exchanging these wastes to something that could lessen the growing demands for conventional nonrenewable sources? It also prevents a lot of debris getting accumulated in the landfills too! The rotting household garbage or even the agricultural wastes can be easily converted into biomass.
2) Wind energy:

Wind power that is produced using wind turbines is another great source of renewable energy. The offshore areas are some of the best places where such stations can be setup. It is also said to be one of the best alternatives to fossil fuels and can be used throughout the year provided there is a good force of the wind to provide the required amount of energy. Also, it doesn’t depend on seasons but only the wind pressure.

3) Solar energy:

This is another widely used renewable source that has gained immense prominence nowadays. Several solar technologies like solar thermal electricity, solar architecture, solar heating, etc. have a huge demand in several countries. The International Energy Agency claims that solar energy would provide long-term benefits.An important source of electrical energy is through the photovoltaics. It is an expose spruce of energy and is a very efficient way of producing electricity without the fear of any dearth of solar energy any point of time.
4) Geothermal energy:

This is the thermal energy that is produced deep in the earth’s crust that occurs mainly due to the radioactive decay of materials inside the earth. Geothermal has been used right from the Paleolithic times and has equal importance even today. Geothermal energy mainly comes in two forms that include the liquid dominated and vapor dominated forms. The United States is said to be leading the world in the production of geothermal electricity production.

The are many benefits of renewable sources of energy and they do a very little damage to the environment.They also make very fewer environmental problems compared to any other usage of fossil fuels. Furthermore, the economic benefits that arise from this are several. It is also estimated that about thousand jobs shall be created if renewable energy is supported and encouraged especially in remote areas. Also, renewable energies require very little amount of maintenance and people with a good aunt of knowledge would be able to handle the same. Everybody including farmers, commoners, communities and industries are benefited by the usage of renewable resources. If natural resources that are renewable would be used to a greater extent, then the costs that are incurred would also substantially decrease. The government would have to spend less on the maintenance and smooth functioning compared to the heavy pricing required for non-renewable resources with an equivalent maintenance. Thus, switching to these renewable sources would help us to conserve our environment and protect the non-renewable resources too. Now that the population has increased to a greater extent, it is our duty to make decisions and implement them instantly to reduce the usage of depleting fossil fuels.
So, let’s use renewable energy and encourage others also to do the same. Maybe then, we could save the planet with a united effort.

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