The Renewable Sources of Energy


Renewable resources are the ones that can be recovered or replenished quickly, mostly by natural occurring processes. These renewable sources are the main reasons why renewable energy exists. This form of energy can be very helpful in reducing the environmental pollution, habitat destruction and also any land degradation. Nowadays, the non-renewable sources like fossil fuels (coal, diesel, and gasoline) are also getting extinct due to the continuous usage and inexplicable demands on the rise. This is why we need to switch to renewable sources and help bring about some pronounced changes in the environment.

The renewable sources are widely and abundantly available, and we need to make the best use of each one of these.
1) Geothermal Energy: This energy is abundantly available in the inner crust of the earth. It can be also termed as thermal energy that mainly is a result of the extreme temperatures inside the crust. This thermal energy was formed during the formation of the planet and also is more of a continuously occurring process due to the radioactive decay. Here, ‘Geo’ means earth and ‘ thermos’ means heat. The rock that is present at extremely high temperatures beneath the earth’s crust is called as magma that is responsible for the production of geothermal energy. This geothermal energy is also used in electricity generation and hence can be termed as a better substitute to the use of any fossil fuels.

2) Solar energy: The heat and light from the sun when strategically harnessed using solar devices can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels by converting them into electricity. This can be done using devices like photovoltaics, solar architecture and also artificial photosynthesis. There are active as well as passive solar devices that help in this process. Active devices directly convert the available solar energy into electrical energy whereas passive devices use the solar energy indirectly through solar architecture etc. The photovoltaics that are used can directly convert light into electrical energy. Moreover, the usage of solar energy will also help us to qualify for a subsidy as well. Solar energy is very beneficial as it is pollution free, clean and also a very abundant source of energy. Furthermore, it is also inexhaustible, indigenous and sustainable. The International Energy Agency has also clearly stated that the development of this ‘solar-energy’ technology will help in providing long-term benefits to the world and will definitely reduce the demand for fossil fuels.

3) Wind power: This is another method wherein the wind energy is strategically harnessed using wind turbines. Wind turbines are located properly in locations were higher wind resources are also available. They produce a power of about 600kW to 5MW of power. The most preferred location for setting up of wind turbines are high altitude sites- mostly farms and also offshore. Wind farms mainly consist of wind turbines that are located all in one location. This kind of energy will help in saving a lot of fuels and also the capital that is invested for the setup of the plant.

4) Hydro power: Water is 800 times denser than the air, and this is why it can be harnessed to produce the amount of energy that is required. Several large-scale dams are constructed for this purpose alone. There are also micro-hydro dams that are of about 100 kW of power and provide power to remote areas. Nowadays ,hydropower r is used to such a large extent that there are plants that produce energy of about 10Gw also. They are dams like Guri dam in Venezuela, the one at Brazil/Paraguay border and also three gorges dam in Japan. There are several mechanical devices that are necessary for the production of hydro power. Some of them are dock cranes, power houses and also sawmills domestic lifts. You can also find hydraulic power pipe networks that are used in transporting pressurized water in order to transmit mechanical power .There are several hydro types that are required for the production of hydroelectricity like conduit hydroelectricity, run-of-the-water hydroelectricity ,conventional hydroelectric, pumped-storage hydroelectricity etc.

5) Biomass: It is mainly produced by the biological materials pertaining to plants or otherwise derived from plant materials. Biomass is mainly used to produce carbon, hydrogen and also oxygen. This biomass energy can also be produced by various sources like wood, animal and plant wastes and alcohol fuels too. Biomass can be directly used to produce energy or otherwise, can be also used to produce bio fuel. It can also undergo several conversions like thermal, chemical and also biochemical. This form of fuel has been massively used due to the growing demand for fossil fuels. Hence, this works as a very good substitute for the non-renewable sources.

Why is renewable energy so important?
1) Continuous energy: The increase in usage of fossil fuels has brought in a fear of their extinction. We cannot depend on these non-renewable sources forever because someday they might all get drained from the surface of the earth. This is why we need to switch to renewable sources because they are abundantly available and are extremely reliable too.
2) Provides energy for the future generation: Renewable energy being extremely abundant can be used by our future generation as well. We need to cut necessarily down the usage of fossil oil and use wind power, hydro power, solar energy or otherwise biomass.
3) Sustainable: Since this energy never runs out, it can be termed as suitable and extremely Eco-friendly.
4) Less maintenance: The renewable energy source plants can be set up easily, and their maintenance is also easier. Besides, they do not require a lot of costs for the purpose of generation of power because they are naturally available. This way the total capital investment required is fortunately lower.
5) Economic benefits: Once these renewable sources are setup they can provide beneficial facilities. For instance, solar energy can also  help us qualify for a subsidy. In fact, these plants when set up in rural areas can be extremely helpful especially when the grid facility is not so reliable.

These renewable energy sources can be expanded around the world just by providing acquaintance to the people. The large consensus of people needs to be for energy production in this manner and the local communities too must work in this direction. When people show continued support for the production of renewable sources and shun the usage of non-renewable sources, only then can the world see some concrete changes.

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