Simple Steps to Control Your Carbon Footprint


Do you want to know how to reduce carbon footprint? There are many ways you can contribute to the wellbeing of your planet. All it needs is thoughtfulness. Following, we are going to help you develop that with some easy tips.

Change the Lightbulbs

This is a surprising start for how to reduce your carbon footprint! How often do you change the bulbs? Not very often, but its an easy fix. You can help to save the planet by switching your lights to compact fluorescent bulbs. Doing so can cut off 1,300 pounds carbon dioxide pollution. You can also control your electricity expenditures.

Unplug Your Gadgets

If you just power off, you won’t reduce carbon footprint. Just be careful and you are good. You need to turn off your chargers when not in use. If you leave the charger dangling off wall and without powering off the cable. You are doing serious harm to mother-nature. Such behavioral traits should be adapted. Besides, you can also save on your bills.

Public Transport and Carpooling

This is one of the highly recommended ways to reduce carbon footprint. You have heard it many times that you should take a public transit or car pool with your colleagues or friends. Every car on the road holds its fair share to pollute the world. By carpooling, you will save your money and reduce your carbon share, meanwhile improving your social life. Considering the other option, if you take public transport, you will cut off some expenses but it wont be as convenient as compared to carpooling.

Laptop Instead of Desktop

We are not saying that using a Desktop instead of laptop has its own benefits. But the story revolves both ways. Therefore a laptop holds certain benefits over a desktop, one particular one is it helps you for how to reduce carbon footprint. The laptops are meant to save energy. As the battery dominates their design, a laptop can help you save at least 60% energy as compared to Desktops. Thanks to their Energy saving LCD screens, hard drives, processors and even adaptors, laptops are ecofriendly.

Try to Filter Your Water

Do you care to search “how to reduce my carbon footprint”? The chances are no, because if you were already making some changes, you would know how to filter your own water. Nothing off track here. If you are using packaged bottle water, you are killing your planet. Plastic is one of the major carbon dioxide contributors. So you need to avoid it. Besides, have you ever thought how the water you drink got here? Try to use a filter and clean water on your own. It will save your money, and spare your health.

Work on Your Curtains and Thermostat

Just some simple adjustments to your temperature can make a real difference. To control your carbon footprint for kids, keep your house two degrees warmer in summer and two degrees cold in winter. This simple trick can help you save a heck load of money off your bill. You can save up to 20% if you follow it properly.

Carrying on, if you leave the curtains open day to let the sunlight in, you won’t need any lightening. Besides, you can keep the curtains closed at night to keep the cold outside. That was for winter, when it comes to summer, close the curtains in day and spare yourself. While in night, you can open them and enjoy the breeze. This can help you save a bit on your electricity bill.

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