Your Smartphones and Laptops Might not be as Clean as You Think They Are.


That’s right!
I’m sure most of you must be reading this article on your smartphones or tablets and the remaining ones on their computers(PCs & laptops). Have a look at you screen/ keyboard once. Does it look clean to you? The majority would say yes. According to some recent studies, though, it’s not. In fact, these observations go on to suggest that your device may be containing more no. of germs that your toilet seat!

You read it right. Your commode might be cleaner than your phone. This was discovered when swabs were taken from a couple of tablets, smartphones and office keyboards. The no. of bacteria were found per swab and then compared with the no. Present on a toilet seat. The results were disgustingly astonishing. An average computer keyboard had 7,500 bacteria per swab whereas an average toilet seat has 5,400. Around 140 units of Staphylococcus aureus, which is a leading cause of digestive disorders were found per swab on a smartphone. One iPad had an incredible 600 units, which is considered very high for a plastic surface. A toilet seat shows 20 units of this per swab. High traces of other dangerous bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella were also found to be consistently higher on these gadgets.

For all those who are wondering “how’s that even possible?”, here are a few reasons as to why it is so:

Using smartphones/laptops while eating meals:

Our modern lifestyle encompasses working all the time and wasting not a moment. Unfortunately, these work habits interfere with eating habits, resulting in no time left for meals. One can quite regularly see people eating at their computers in offices or even homes. They drop all kinds of food particles on the keyboards, which gets lodged in between the keys. Few bother to remove them afterwards or even clean it. This build up, over time ultimately results in it becoming an excellent breeding place for microbes.
As it happens with smartphones, many people both adults and teenagers alike are in a habit of using them even at meal times. Afterwards, most people just wipe the screen( that too not properly), not bothering about the rest of the phone. Resulting in it becoming a playground for bacteria.
Another major thing is that even though people may not use these devices at meal times, they fail to wash their hands, sometimes altogether afterwards.

Taking smartphones to the loo:

Now this, many of you must be familiar with. People take their phones to read the morning news on it. Many don’t want the ‘calling’ to interfere with what they are doing and simply take the smartphone to the loo. Some just take it for the purpose of passing the time by playing games, texting, surfing the net, etc. The result- easy access for harmful bacteria to your smartphone.Some researchers even go on to tell that one in six smartphones has faecal matter on them.

Not cleaning the mobiles/ keyboards:

This is one of the major reasons why the tech gadgets won the dirty race with the lavatory. Most people consider them to be extremely sensitive electronic device and are hesitant to clean them. Others simply aren’t bothered with it. Often smartphones are passed between people, creating a higher chance of their contamination. Again as they are not cleaned, a gradual buildup of these bugs is observed.

At this point, many of you must have gotten quite shook up I presume. So here are a few simple methods that would ensure that your device is clean:

>Every once in awhile, clean your laptop/PC. Remove the particles stuck between the keys on the keyboard by tilting it upside down. There are several instruments available in the market that aid you in cleaning those hard-to-reach gaps more efficiently, such as USB vacuum cleaners. For a more thorough cleaning, remove each key and using a wet cloth, wipe away the dirt. Make sure the water doesn’t enter the keyboard.

>Avoid taking your mobile phone in the toilet. Honestly, it’s no big deal to lay off it for a few minutes. Take a newspaper or a book instead if you want to pass your time in there. Surely your work could wait for a while. That status update or a reply to a friend can be done after 10-15 minutes. Also, make sure to wash your hands afterwards properly with soap and water.

>Use an antibacterial solution to clean your handheld device regularly. Be careful not to scratch the screen. Only use a soft, lint-free cloth. Also, remember not to get any of that liquid inside the open port or anywhere near the battery. It could short circuit your device and even be dangerous.

>Try not to use these devices during meal times. Also, wash your hands after eating anything. If that’s not practical, carry a hand sanitizer at all times and clean your hands with it. This would actively avoid the growth of disease-causing bacteria on your gadgets.

To conclude this article, I’m confidence many of you would have become quite disgusted with these facts. I would urge all of you to follow the tips mentioned above or any other you might think useful in protecting against the various health problems. Keep yourself and your family in great health and high spirits.

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