Tesla Model S – The Environmental Friendly Sedan


The Tesla Model S is a five seater (which can be extended to a seven seater) eco-friendly electric car. This 2015 vehicle is primarily focused on providing exceptional levels of driving efficiency. The high-performance sedan is, without a doubt, a luxury vehicle whose performance pedigree cannot be matched with ease, and can thrill the most seasoned car enthusiasts. It offers a luxury interior and state of the art gadgetry that rivals those of seasoned players such as Mercedes and BMW. The “A” rated Tesla Model S 2015 is quite a unique automobile, and there are not many options to directly compete with it.

Interestingly, Tesla does not have much of a history in the automobile manufacturing sector within the American market. The entry of the company’s two partners into the electric car manufacturer was fuelled by the failure of seasoned manufacturers and brand owners to roll out an electric car that met the demands of most of the population. It’s been several years down the line since the company rolled out their first vehicle, and they have not disappointed through the years.


Options that are available for the S 60 include the Supercharger-enabled package – which provides for quick and rapid charging that can charge halfway in just 20 minutes. The rapid charging outlets can be located in any of the growing networks of Tesla charging stations nationwide. Also, this vehicle is equipped with durable wheels that are designed to enhance the range of travel that can be achieved when you leave home. There is also an option for the onboard charger that helps increase the vehicle’s range. Also available is the Optional-Tech –package with an autopilot that includes cornering lights and LEDs lighted door handles, auto beam controls, power hatchbacks, keyless ignition and entry, navigation system and driver memory functions. It is believed that the driver memory function will be upgraded in future to include the hands-free driving capability – thus, including the capability to change lanes by choosing the turn-signal indicator, and autonomous steering. Other interesting specs are the parking spot detection system and parallel parking functions. Also, the vehicle offers a Smart Ai Suspension option, a top of the range or premium package – which includes interior leather seats, an armrest, and an LED-based interior lighting. The top grade fidelity sound package provides a twelve-speaker sound system that includes a satellite radio. Another excellent feature is a sub-zero weather package – which has provisions for heated seats, wiper blade defrosters, heated steering wheels and washer nozzle heaters among others. If there are young children on board, the seating capacity can be increased to seven. This can be done by replacing the captain rear seat with two small-sized chairs.


The Tesla Model S is one of the options that gains speed effortlessly – thus availing the driver the pleasure of its powerful acceleration. The acceleration response is not only instant but also perfect. It can take off with the ferocity of a super flying saloon. Tesla claims that the car can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. However, those who have tried it have reported that it took them approximately 4.7 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph. On the other hand, the electric powertrain is excellent for complete power acceleration over a short distance. Model S mostly stretches out its tires, and it is fascinating how you can meter out with precision. Surges of force from the vehicle helps to carry Tesla forward just in the same manner as a stiff breeze does. On motorways with other electric vehicles, the Tesla Model S can comfortably pull its weight – picking up an extra 20 mph with relative ease.


Tesla Version S does not have an  inbuilt auto-piloting system at the moment, but the company has said that it is planning for a future update on its current software – to include an autopilot capability. These autopilot functions will include hands-free driving, ability to change lanes, autonomy in steering, systems to detect parking spots and hands-free parallel parking-functions.


The vehicle’s battery packs are positioned under the cabin floor and the sub-frame that makes an essential part of the batteries helps to add to its rigidity. Buyers are free to choose from any of the company’s three battery options. These include the standard 60kWh battery, the 85kWh battery that offers 265 miles, and the 85kWh battery that offers the same 265-mile range – but in a shorter period. Depending on your specific requirements and budget, you can choose an option that perfectly fits your lifestyle. The battery is rechargeable and even when you are out of your home, you can use high-speed charging installations that are positioned along the highways in most parts of the United States.


No matter how luxurious (or fast) a luxury electric car might be, there are two concerns that have taken center stage in recent times. These are the vehicle’s charging time and range. Most EVs nowadays can cover distances of about 80-100 miles after they are fully charged, but Tesla does more than double this distance. It is estimated that this eco-friendly vehicle does an average of 208 miles, therefore making it less of a worry – especially for those who wish to embark on journeys with the car. Another concern that people mostly have been on how long it takes the vehicle to charge fully, and where to charge it while outside the home. This has been addressed through the installation of Supercharger Networks that are available all over the United States, where Tesla Car owners can have their cars charged with relative speed and convenience. These charging stations are positioned strategically along highways throughout the country. Essentially, the company’s goal is to ensure that drivers of their vehicles can drive the Tesla Model S across the United States as they would with a gasoline powered car.


With Tesla Model S, you can expect a fantastic range. For all wheel, dual motor option, you can expect accelerations of up to 60 mph in a short time of approximately 3.2 seconds. However, you can get a much better performance by opting for the 85kWh battery models – as the 60kWh battery model is great if you want a good car without breaking the bank.


The interior and exterior design of the Tesla Model S is simply majestic. The outer contours are thoughtfully designed, and the leather interior appears as if someone spent countless nights designing the beautifully detailed interior. A mixture of light emitting diodes and halogens that make up most of the base-headlight cluster adds to the vehicle’s elegance.

Environmental footprint

Regarding the successes attained by other electric vehicles (in being eco-friendly), there is no denial that Tesla Model S would rank favorably well as being a very eco-friendly electric vehicle. The manufacturers of this vehicle have claimed that this Tesla model is an exceedingly eco-centric model, and one of the most environmental friendly electric cars that you can find in the market today.


Tesla Model S is undeniably a rear wheel electric saloon car that is designed for the high-end market. It’s big on speed and handles perfectly well while on the road. The controls are also excellent, and you can expect a comfy ride (even at full speeds) especially when driving on a fairly flat and straight road. Model S performance is admirable by all standards, and can cover a quarter of a mile in 13.4 seconds – while traveling at 105.2 mph. It does quite well on the road, but may run into some difficulty when driven off-track. The vehicle’s chassis and other parts of the structure are mostly made from strong aluminum. The overall quality of ride which Tesla offers is quite acceptable.

Instrument panel

The instrument panel is well positioned and has some features. The interior display cluster shows throttle position, energy-regeneration level, and speed. Also, there is enough legroom for the driver, as well as for other occupants of the car. The boot is quite large – providing enough space to stash your personal belongings.  The cluster also offers complete access to car and climate settings.


Tesla Model S charger can get power from 110v supply or 240v supply outlets. This means that the car’s batteries can be charged at home, or from any other designated power outlets. The vehicle uses lithium ion batteries – which resembles those of most electric cars that are in the market.


The Tesla Model S offers the Smart Air Suspension option (must be used with the tech pack) which is self-adjusting. The suspension is great, and you can expect it to handle properly on various paved roads. The well thought-out suspension makes the driving experience appealing and comfortable.


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