Tesla Motors: Leading Innovations


It is probably very early to predict the vehicles of the generation next. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t call out the likely winners of the much-anticipated race at this moment in time. Electric cars are undoubtedly heading the pack of the next generation cars. And who is leading this technology innovation? Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors, an American Automobile giant, is the pioneer company which has started manufacturing the electric vehicles on the larger scale. Although the vehicles are not much popular outside the American continent, the prospect of this idea becoming a juggernaut is almost certain. Electric Cars are highly efficient and can do everything that the conventional cars have been doing. Tesla Motors have taken up the initiative of producing such electric cars which are effective and equally efficient. Here is all that you need to know about this innovative giant in the car manufacturing world.

The Idea

Tesla came up with the idea of manufacturing the most efficient electric cars. They have the best possible technology for doing the same. It has taken the world by surprise by manufacturing some of the best and most attractive electric cars. Tesla is an American based company which manufactures more electric cars than any other car maker in the world. The cutting edge technology and the robust working units make it a standalone manufacturing giant. They took the risk of taking up the new task of manufacturing such non-conventional vehicles. This in itself is a big pat on the back for the Tesla owners. It has gained immense popularity in such short duration of time and is certainly looking for more.

Concern for Nature

The reason for getting into this field could be many as one would suggest. But the sole thing that Tesla Motors had in mind while coming up with their first model of electric cars was the Mother Nature. Tesla’s concern for the planet earth is often talked about.

Battery in Use

Tesla Motors are unique in a way because of the kind of resources it uses to manufacture these electric cars. Tesla is known for using the lithium ion batteries in the vehicles. This is the reason why these electric cars are smooth and efficient at the same time. These electric cars make minimal noise and hence contribute nothing to the noise pollution. Lithium ion batteries, by convention, have been used in the laptops and other electronic gadgets. But using these in the cars is an innovation in itself. Lithium ion batteries are cheaper and are known for longer life cycle than other batteries. Moreover, these batteries are very light in weight and hence contribute very less to the actual weight of the car.

Cutting Edge Technology

Tesla motors have not compromised in putting in good and handy investments in these cars. Tesla has the most advanced technology than its compatriots in this field. The intumescent chemical that is found in the car is the very unique in itself to say the least. It is certainly one of a kind for the reason that this chemical provides a valuable thermal management property. In addition to this, these batteries and the chemicals prevent the battery from catching fires that occur usually in the other commercial batteries. These batteries are economical as well. Tesla has started manufacturing its own range of batteries. The battery has many specialties. No wonder why most of the other automobile companies are looking to tie up with this automobile giant named Tesla.

The Innovations

Tesla does not restrict itself from making new changes or modifications in its cars. They have now designed electric cars which have integrated these lithium ion batteries into the floor of the car while most of the other car manufacturers still have the batteries installed in the trunk of the vehicle. This helps in saving a lot of space. However, with integrated batteries on the floor, there always lies a risk that these batteries might get worn out due to the uneven surfaces of the roads or the debris on the roads. In order to avoid this, Tesla designed armour plates as a shield over the floor batteries. So it is quite evident that Tesla is not shy to make modifications when it’s needed. It has all the resources to overcome all these issues. Moreover, the integrated floor batteries have allowed greater ventilation and cooling for the batteries. Earlier, there were cases of the trunk getting overheated due to the batteries. Boot space is also added to the car and thus, it becomes at par with a car which is driven by gasoline.

The Challenges

The one major challenge that Tesla is facing is the availability of charging stations. There are only a few charging stations available in the United States. Apart from that, Tesla has managed to have a few more stations in the countries where it has tried to expand its business. People restrict themselves from buying the electric cars because they believe that this non-availability of the charging stations is a very big issue. Tesla has to come up with a solution to this in collaboration with the government. Moreover, the price of electric vehicles is very high compared to the kind of performance it gives. It is an obvious truth that the conventional vehicles will have a smoother functioning and running because the fuels used in them are power packed. Compared to these fuels, electric cars are not capable of generating such huge power and hence there are often limitations to the speed and efficiency. Lastly, they do need some good business outsourcing in order to reach the audiences across the globe. This would make them a force not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world.


The idea of electric cars is a very bright one. Especially in a situation when there is an intensive search for the alternatives due to dying natural resources. If Tesla manages to overcome the problems and a few fixing issues here and there, then Tesla is surely going to be one of the greatest in the car manufacturing world.

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