The Best Ways to Save Energy


Do you want to learn different ways to conserve energy? Yes, are you looking for some quick energy saving tips? We are going to help you save energy and get a slack cut off from your bill right away. We are not going to ask you to shut down a whole grid. Instead we are giving you some quick handy tips that can help you save energy in your daily routine.

Tune the Temperature to 60 Celsius

You need to maintain your temperature at 60 Celsius as it will save energy and keep you warm. This is one of the easiest ways to save energy. It works best when the geyser and pipes are insulated. Don’t drop it below this measure. In most cases, the thermostat will be located in cover over the electrical part. Switch off the electrical circuit in mains and remove the cover. Later on, turn down your thermostat with a screw driver. If you cant do it yourself, hire a plumber.

Preserve Hot Water

Do you want to know how to save energy at home? Start with putting your resources to better use. You can shower in place of bath, take short showers. Just fill the kettle, use as much as you need. Also, you can wash a full load of dishes instead of one at a time. When you are washing the laundry, switch to cold water and save hot water.

Switch off Things when Not in Use

This remains as one of the most quoted energy conservation tips. You have to switch off the appliances that you aren’t using at the moment. It’s better than leaving them on standby. When anything is on standby, they are using 20% of the total power. Speaking of which, don’t forget to switch off your geyser if you plan to leave for holidays.

Control the Pool Operation

If you got a pool with a cleaning system pump, you can simply control its operative hours and keep them at the minimum. Yes, you can keep them at  6 hours a day. This is one of the most prolific power saving tips.  While at it, you have clean the filters on regular basis and get a pool over to turn off the pump in winter.

Get Rid of Excessive

The road goes both way here. If you want to find ways to conserve energy, you need to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t you know that your heater is a big power consumer, the same goes for your cooling system in summers. So don’t forget about them. You need localised equipment instead of central air or heating.

This way, you can heat or cool the occupied rooms only.  The room temperature needs to be more than 10 degrees. As for gas or oil heaters, the thermostat are best but you need to avoid under floor heating with them.

Fans or oil heaters featuring thermostats are the best. Use a fan instead of air conditioning in summer and see how much energy you save. The ways to save energy goes for winter as well. Instead of using heater, just wear warm cloths.

Insulate Geyser

Unfortunately, this is one of the most effective tips for how can we save energy but it is avoided time to time. Use an insulation and you will improve the heat retention. Don’t forget you will need to check for the heat that was lost first. Go with the hand test and if the geyser is warm, its losing heat and it needs better insulation. This is ideal for older geysers. You need to work with a good installer to get optimum results.

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