Things You Can Do from Home to Help the Earth


You can be sure about something: Global warming and climate change aren’t hoaxes. These phenomena are real. And they are attempting with the only planet we have to live in. Should we care more than we do?

There are people that are really compromised with this problem. They try hard by all the available mediums to fight back this global issue. Some of them do it politically, with public participation and promoting laws. On the other hand, there are people like us that are an important part of the solution from home.

Little hacks in our lifestyle can have a deep impact. Changing the routine at home could represent a clear and valuable support to the solution we all want. You should be interesting in knowing what can you do at home to help the Earth. Yes. Minor acts also help.

The following are a series of tips you should follow in order to be part of the solution from home. Also, these changes in your routine could be a positive impact on your life and save you money as well. A win-win relationship, we think. Let’s take a further look.

Unplug Electronic Devices Every Time You Can

PCs, televisions, and similar devices could consume electricity while being off or in suspension/stand-by mode. This isn’t only hurting the Earth by increasing the power usage. It also hurt your finances by giving you bigger and heavier electricity bills. Plug chargers like the ones using for charging your cell phone are also slowly consuming electricity when they are plugged without use. Unplug them as well and connect them exclusively when they must be used.

Change to Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

In the industry of taking care of our homes, there are too many useful products. Unfortunately, there is a wide array of cleaners that are composed of highly toxic and contaminant ingredients. Don’t worry too much and discard these products. You now can find eco-friendly cleaning products, free of toxic elements that both has a negative impact on your health and increase pollution levels. And, of course, clean the most without using any chemical product as long as possible.

Make the Required Changes to Indoor Illumination

Fortunately, there eco-friendly compact fluorescent light bulbs available in the market. They aren’t highly expensive and use only a quarter in comparison with regular, common incandescent bulbs. This presentation will provide economy in two aspects: compact fluorescent light bulbs last way more time than the common ones, so you don’t need to buy them on the regular basis; while the electricity bill will also be way cheaper, due the low electric consumption.

These mentioned changes are also related to our behavior at home. We should turn off the lights every time we left a room. Has been proven than most people do the exactly opposite, consuming more power than necessary.

Go Green with Growing Plants

Having a garden is something really positive for your house. You will be adding a great attractive (if you take care of it) and also will be installing natural air filters. Most plants are highly useful for filtering air and making a purer environment, both indoors and outdoors. If you live in an apartment, which is most cases lacks the possibility of growing a garden, you will always have the alternative of buying some indoor plants. There are no excuses.

Be More Conscious about Water Usage

A disturbing part of the population has an erratic, unconscious behavior when it’s related to water usage. People often spend an irrational and unnecessary amount of water in trivial situations.

Takes as an example the previous consideration: having a garden. Houses with a garden or plants growing indoors have a higher, beyond acceptable water usage. People often left a hose on the ground, leaking water to the plants for hours. This both impact your finance and nature. Ecologic and humanitarian problems are highly aggravated by this wrong behavior from a huge share of the worldwide population, mainly in those countries with a developed water distribution system.

Support the Recycled Market

There are too many brands in the market offering a wide array of recycled products for your home. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many people buying this kind of products. Things like toilet paper, boxes, and writing paper are always great alternatives to take advantage of the recycled market. This way you will support this business and allow companies to keep up their efforts.

Stop Throwing Everything in the Toilet

We all know that throwing things like toilet paper, condoms and tampons in the toilet are a bad idea. We all know it and some are still doing this. This mere act could block the sewage, which is bad already. Then, consider that you will be contaminating the water, which, is some countries, is treated by cutting-edge processing plants.

Also, try to use three times the toilet before flushing it. Of course, only if you are peeing. Flushing every time is an enormous waste of water. We must be jealous with this unique resource.

Use at Full Capacity the Washing Machine

Normally, washing machines use huge amounts of water. That’s why we should use them at full capacity and take the most of it. Wait to have a notable volume of dirty clothes and wash the most together, always if it is possible to do so.

Having all these tips in mind, you should have a clear idea of how you can do them from home to help the Earth. At the same thing, we dare to say, you will save a money in the process.

If these individual efforts get part of most people’s routine, global warming and climate effect could be controlled with more ease. The more power you spend and the more water you waste, the more you become a part of this serious problem.

Our only home, the Earth, is at risk right here. Make the right choice and transform your home into a fancy example of conscience.

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