Time to Go Green: Sustainable Fashion


The modern world is a place where we often hear people talking about the go green lifestyle. With growing concerns about the environment and nature, there has been an increase in the awareness levels among the people as well. People have started to switch to eco-friendly practices and have started incorporating this go green lifestyle in their life. What is more astonishing is the fact that all of a sudden going green has become “the new cool” among the people. Green products have started to define new trends in this updated world. When everything is taking new turn”, how can the fashion industry lag behind in the race? The world of fashion has also stepped in with a whole new ideology of sustainable fashion which uses only green and eco-friendly products. Here is a list of such materials that are often a part of this developing trend of sustainable fashion. Don’t forget to add the clothes made from these materials in your wardrobe!


Silk has always been regarded as a symbolic royal wear since ages. This royal wear is very expensive and a top buy but then one can never forget that it is the most organic when it comes to clothing material. Silk is obtained from the cocoons of silkworms when the worms are in the metamorphosis stage. Silk is a natural fiber and hence the most organic. The cocoons are treated with warm water and then slowly thread like fibers are harvested from it. Another advantage of this clothing material is that the synthesis of silk does not require any chemical or inorganic materials. However, some people are often against silk because they believe that the caterpillars in the cocoons get killed before they can come out of it due to their treatment with hot water. But now, a new brand of silk called as vegan silk has emerged which is made from the cocoons after the moth comes out of it. Once the insect gets out of the cocoon, the cocoon is then treated with hot water and silk is harvested.

Soy Fabric Clothing

The oil processing units, especially the soy oil processing units often generate waste products that are in the form of fibers. These fibers have always been dumped unused and hence wasted, to say the least. But recently, it has been observed that these waste fibers that are thrown away are very soft and have a very smooth texture. It is this property of soy fabric that has led to innovations in sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion using soy materials has become very popular. These materials are used to make inner wear because of their soft texture. It has bee widely accepted, and this form of sustainable fashion has been applauded by many. But when you are buying something made up of soy fabrics, you should ensure that you check the labels correctly. Some manufacturers have started mixing synthetic chemicals with this fabric and hence there has been a decline in quality assurance.


Bamboo is a very strong material and is one of those materials which is abundantly found and found at many places. Bamboo clothing is perhaps one of the first materials to be used in the sustainable fashion works. It is a widely found material, and another advantage is that bamboo does not require any synthetic aid or chemical fertilizers for its production. Bamboo is purely natural. This is perhaps the only reason it has been included in a sustainable fashion. In addition to this, bamboo has a unique property of being anti-odor. Thus, bamboo ensures you an odor free time if you have it in your sustainable fashion wear. Moreover, bamboo has anti-bacterial properties that make it very famous among other clothing products of sustainable fashion. The only problem is its synthesis during cloth making is a very tiring process and does include a bit of chemical intervention.


Hemp is used to make sturdy and durable linen because the fibers obtained from hemp are long and strong. Hemp also does not require any fertilizer or chemical for its growth. Hemp is long and strong fiber, but this does not restrict its usage. Hemp, after undergoing a few treatments, can be used to make soft clothing materials. This versatility of hemp has made it a very integral part of sustainable fashion. It is often regarded as one of the most eco-friendly clothing material and is undoubtedly a remarkable product to use for sustainable fashion.

Polyester from Plastic Bottles

There have always been issues with the waste that is generated. The highest percentage composition among the wastes is that by the plastics. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance, and hence, it becomes a real threat to the environment once it is disposed of. So why not use this plastic for some profitable use instead? Sustainable fashion comes with an idea of using the plastic bottles for clothing purposes. Polyester is synthesized from the plastic bottles that are later used to make clothing material. Polyester clothes gained popularity during the late 1990s. But the problem with polyester is its production itself. When petroleum is distilled and synthesized, polyester is obtained as a by-product. This polyester that is so obtained is nothing but the sheer plastic that is not good for the environment. But polyester clothes gained a lot of popularity and the demand for polyester materials grew a lot in the past decade or so. Due to this, more and more polyester was being circulated and manufactured by the companies. Such rapid and reckless production of polyester meant production of plastics on a large scale. And production of plastics on such large scale is never going to be a good idea for the environment in the longer run. To avoid this, sustainable fashion came up with the idea of using the plastic bottles to synthesize polyesters. Plastic bottles anyway need to be reused. In addition to this, synthesis of polyesters from plastics is a much easier task than petroleum synthesis. This gave a perfect solution in the form of sustainable fashion.

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