Tips on How to Save the Environment


Environment plays a very vital role in our lives both physical and mentally. Living in a polluted area could cause many health concerns, simply damaging and reducing our life. It’s our duty to keep our environment clean, free of dirt and to avoid things causing it to become polluted. Taking care of our planet isn’t just a responsibility – it should be an honor for us to maintain its naturality. With this in mind, we have come up with some easy tips that will surely help you save the environment.

Be a little frugal while consuming water

Get into the habit of saving water as much as you can. There’s no use letting tap open for no reason while brushing teeth. Leaking toilet might waste about 200 gallons of water each day, according to a report at EPA. Prefer tap water over bottled water because you don’t pollute environment by wasting packaging. The more we waste, higher will be the pollution. Check out all the taps and pipes to see if there’s any leakage or damage causing water to flow in vain. That’s what you can do to save the environment.

Walk is always better

If your office or work place isn’t that much far from your home, it’s better that you should avoid going on car as you can reach there on foot. Not only does it reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, but also helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If this seems impossible for you all the days in week, try to do it twice in a week at least. Try to make it all in one trip – be it repairing shoe, getting grocery or buy a new t shirt. This will help you save time and gas as well.  

Avoid things with packaging

It’s all started when we pollute environment by throwing packaging or wrapping of things we use in heaps every day. Prefer products with least wrapping and avoid throwing waste on roads or anywhere in the open space. Teach your kids about the pollution and tell them how pollution can affect our lives drastically.

Replace your lighting with compact fluorescent light bulbs

Obviously, there’s no excuse for consuming extra electricity when we can make it with less energy. Replacing your entire lighting system with energy-efficient bulbs is what you can do to save power. As we all know, electricity comes from by consuming natural resources like water, coal, gas and wind. Our environment and electricity consumption are inversely promotional with each other. The higher the electricity consumption, the lower will be the natural resources. You can find lots of products available in the market that are designed in a way to consume less power, be it air conditioners, TVs, light bulbs or refrigerators.

Turn off extra lights when not in use

Be it a light bulb or a TV running in vain, you should be extra conscious about consuming power. Setup a system that automatically turns off and on based on your requirements. Smart lighting system is great example of this, allowing you to control your home when you’re miles away. This will not only help save the environment, but also allow you to save money.

Drive Slowly & Smartly

You aren’t going to get any reward if you drive aggressively and speedily. There’re lots of drawbacks of driving too fast as you may hit any innocent person walking on the road. Braking and accelerating too high could reduce fuel economy. When you drive fast, chances are high any of your car’s part may stop functioning and you might spend some of your hardly earned money on getting it repaired.

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