Top NGOs Working on Environment Conservation


Now and then we are always blaming the government for all that is going wrong around us. And when it comes to something as crucial as environment conservation then we are all there to blame all the policies that it has implemented regarding the safeguard of the environment without actually following them wisely.

While approaching the environmental problems one fact has come up to the surface which is serving as an eternal fact – all the humanity must act in unity.

Any individual effort is undoubtedly significant, BUT a united effort works more effectively and judiciously for sure.

And this united effort is put up by a lot many NGOs or NonGovernmental Organizations all across the globe that are working on preventing any more environment damage in every way possible. These organizations are brimming with a crowd that has devoted its entire life solely to the environmental causes. The ways in which these organizations act are not only theoretical but interestingly practical. Be it gathering crowds or generating awareness through street plays or protesting against any environmental law these organizations are ready to take on anything which prevents any more harm to the nature.

Here is a list of such few NGOs among many similar others that stand as global face for environmental conservation at present times:


The Energy and Resources Institute, earlier known as the Tata Energy Research Institute focuses its activities on sustainable development. Housing its headquarters at India Habitat Center, New Delhi TERI is a non-profit organization and is all about the efficient and judicious use of natural resources.

TERI originated in Gujarat where Darbari Seth, a TATA engineer showed serious concern over the vast use of natural resources in the factory production works. He proposed the idea of developing a research institute to work on the depletion of natural resources and its scarcity. Appreciated by JRD Tata for his noble idea TERI was built in Mumbai and then on an invitation of then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi TERI started its operations from Delhi in 1974.

TERI University, established in 1998 is first of its kind in India which dedicates all its streams of studies to the environment and sustainable development.


With the iconic Panda logo, WWF is one of those few organizations working in most popular yet dignified ways. As a part of environment conservation WWF works’ mainly focuses the preservation of nature and its creatures. With 5 million members WWF often invites collaborations with other NGOs such as CRY or SMILE to work on social issues alongside its main focus areas.

It always encourages youth to get actively involved with several internship and volunteering opportunities through its various programs.

National Wildlife Federation

Another NGO is working to preserve the rich biodiversity existing on our earth today NWF is one of the largest non-profit organization in the world working for the said cause.

Though its primary base locates at the USA, it has collaborations with several other likewise teams and local organizations working on wildlife issues on grass root level. The organization was founded by Jay Darling in 1936 and currently has 4 million active members participating in it in various programs and initiatives.


A leading non-governmental international group, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is one of the most trusted and respected organization working on environment conservation. It works on quite a large scale and produces several yearly reports on the said issue which are taken into consideration while deciding environmental laws in the international circuit.

Though it says, it does not conduct any research on its own, but it works mainly through analysis of several reports and data produced worldwide. Involving actively around hundred of leading scientists IPCC focuses on environmental issues such as climate change, global warming et al.

National Geographic Society

Our beloved and most iconic National Geographic Society is one of the most well-funded, largest and prominent environmental organizations at present. Ranging from TV shows, advertisements, campaigns to working on grass root level this society has it all planned well enough to carry out the expedition of saving the mother earth.

Unlike other similar organization, Nat Geo core agenda lies in celebrating the beauty of the earth and its creatures with amazing stories, videos and various educational programs for students. Further, to a great extent Nat Geo also works on the preservation and promotion of cultural heritages across the globe.

Rainforest Action Network

One of the most recent organizations RAN is quite active in its approach when it comes to saving the beauty of the earth.

With only 43 employees but around 1000 member groups, RAN becomes memorable because of the campaigns that they conduct.

They are quick to give praise when any corporate biggies incline towards environment conservation but often harsh in its criticism whenever it is required.

The above list might have left off many relevant and significant names, but the list encourages the green thinking for sure. The said names are the biggies in the NGO world, but one can start their own effort on an individual and small-scale level and let the wings spread out eventually. The above list certainly gives us a boost to what wonders we can bring upon through our individual efforts to preserve the beautiful nature around us.

Further one can start their own NGOs or small-scale group initiatives on this noble and realistic pathway. There are several small-scale NGOs located in various countries including India that work purely by the utter devotion they have towards the environment.

One can also join hands with several nationwide movements such as Paryavaran Mitra, which is an online web portal focusing on spreading environment related awareness. The Ahmadabad based campaign is lead and funded well by Government of India to promote socio-environmental issues involving young students and children from schools across the country.

Clean Dilli, Green Dilli, and

Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna is another such campaign that demands an active and grass-root level of work from the youth.

The recent Swach Bharat campaign launched by Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is yet another effort that demands individual effort alongside the united approach towards this issue.

The campaign has gained a worldwide reputation.

Several key personalities from the vivid field have joined hands for this movement that is steadily gearing its pace up.

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