Is that TRASH? Think again!

The reality of today’s world is that we live in a consumerist, globalized and extremely interdependent global network of world economics. We live in a world where consumerist tendencies are encouraged and induced, and, in fact, your level of consumption of material goods and resources is a yardstick of one’s lifestyle.

This is the dominant ideology that exists, and thrives, and has only compounded in the last few decades. In this backdrop, if the battle of sustainable development is to be won, there needs to be a paradigm shift of how we look at life. However, that is a long procedure, and might take a few decades. Immediately, we need to educate the citizens of this global village about the benefits (read monetary benefits) of consuming less, for nothing attracts the attention like a financial incentive does

This article lists several products that can be reused and recycled and lists the benefits that they bring along. So read on, and have fun recycling!


Item: Cartons (Milk/juice/beverages TetraPaks) Though considered a product with a low shelf life, the fact is, once the contents of a carton are used, the empty packet is a strong product left behind! Here’s how you can use them:


Item: Carpets/Mats: There comes a time in every carpet’s life, when it is tossed away in the garbage, making space for a new, shiny, stain-free and more stylish contemporary. But don’t throw these away just yet, use the, as:

Item: Silica Pellets’ Packet: You’ll find them everywhere. In shoe boxes, clothing, and eatables, their job is to prevent humidity in the packaging and spoil the product. But don’t toss them away just yet:


Item: Children Games: Chances are that you too have several games, very popular with the Under 5 age group, with no takers in your house. The kids grow out of them, and they generally end up in the trash can. But after these suggestions, they won’t:


Item: Food leftovers: Each and every one of us are guilty of wasting things like food items like oil, flour, peels, etc. while cooking. So the next time you empty the dice-board over the kitchen bin here’s what will help you reconsider:

Happy Recycling! Isn’t this a fun and creative way to do your bit?