Travel green: Green Transportation Alternatives

Human settlement has always been benefited by the new inventions in the field of transport and communications. With so many transport facilities available, traveling to various places has become such an easy task now. But most of the vehicles are fueled up by the conventional fossil fuels. These fuels are now on the verge of getting depleted due to reckless usage by the human beings. This has resulted in a call for the movement that demands new alternatives to take shape to save these natural resources. The big question to answer stands out like how do we achieve this? What are the alternatives to the current mode of transportation? Here is a list of top green transportation methods or alternatives to travel smart and travel green!


This is the simplest to guess among the alternatives. If you have just to walk down the lane and travel a very short distance, then you should always opt to walk. Do not use your vehicles to travel such short distances. Walking will not only save fuel and your fuel bills but also help you to maintain good health. So the very next time when you decide to go the nearest supermarket, ensure that you have a good evening walk accompanying your shopping.

Car Pools

People have always been talking about this idea of the car pool. Car pooling refers to sharing os cars when more than one people are going to the same location. Imagine a common scenario of students heading to school. If you take your vehicle to drop your ward and your neighbor also has to drop their ward to the same school, then why would you both take individual vehicles? You can always have a car pool. On one particular day, you can drop the children to school and on the other day, you can let your neighbor do this job. Green transportation is all about sharing of resources to preserve them.

Using Hybrid Vehicles

If you are a go green campaigner, and you are planning to buy a new vehicle, then you should consider buying the hybrid vehicles. The hybrid vehicles require a combination of both conventional fuels and the non-conventional fuels for their running. These vehicles give you the same efficient performance and mileage. Moreover, these vehicles are the flag bearers of green transportation. Green transportation will always recommend you to choose such alternative of hybrid vehicles. A hybrid car has both an electric motor and gasoline engine. These vehicles have batteries that store the energy and hence can be utilized to fuel the vehicle later. A truly good way to go, isn’t it?

The Electric Vehicles

A slightly more modified version of the non-conventional vehicles are the electric vehicles. The electric cars are a big hit ever since they have come on the market. These cars are termed as the vehicles of the future generation. You should use this green transportation method to travel as these vehicles are totally eco-friendly and non-polluting. The only concern with these vehicles is the high-end price that it has. In addition to this, these vehicles need charging stations. Since these cars are new to the world market, such charging stations are rarely available. The governments should look into this and make sure that they invest enough to ensure that charging stations are installed to facilitate these green transportation vehicles.

Using the AFV

AFV stands for the Alternative Fuel Vehicles. When you are considering the new green transportation vehicles, you should also look at the new AFVs. These vehicles run on the non-conventional fuels. For instance, the cars that run on the Compressed Natural Gas or CNG are much more eco-friendly and nonpolluting. These vehicles do not require heavy petrol or diesel fuelling and hence are very good and effective when seen from a green transportation point of view. Moreover, these vehicles are cheaper than the conventional fuel vehicles. Another AFV is the vehicle that is driven on ethanol. Ethanol is a non-polluting fuel and is a biofuel. These cars that run on such biofuels are quite popular in some countries and are waiting to hit the global markets. Propane is another such compound that burns cleanly and leaves minimal carbon footprints. So vehicles that can be run on propane must be encouraged.

Use the Bus

The very point of carpool can be seen with a broader green transportation perspective. The question is that if one can think of carpool and car sharing, then why the people can’t take it to a bigger stage. You should use the public transport like the buses on a more frequent basis. You can keep your personal vehicles to be used on some special occasions. But on every other occasion or for your daily utilities, you should always turn up to the buses. The governments of all countries work hard to maintain a good chain of public transport, especially the buses. So there is certainly no harm in giving a chance to these buses!

Commute by Train

If your city has metro rail supply, then you can always travel by train. Trains can carry a larger number of passengers by using the minimal amount of fuel. Moreover, commuting by train would mean no congestion on the roads and hence lesser road traffic. Trains are fast and efficient and are one of the best forms of public transport!

Go Biking

Don’t get it wrong. When one says to go biking, it is in the green transportation context. Biking refers to the traveling by bicycles. The children must be encouraged to use bicycles. This would keep them physically fit and also help the cause of green transportation. The use of bicycles should not be restricted to a handful of people. Bicycles can be used by any person, and these are the most efficient transport tools. So if you have to travel shorter distances, do not refrain from taking to the bicycles. If you want to see your planet turning green, switch to bicycles and be a part of this green transportation movement!