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The responsible practices that we need to consider when traveling are collectively termed as ‘green travel.’ Following clean and green ecological ways to protect the natural habitats and also maintain a healthy environment is supposedly the need of the hour. Several travelers exhibit reckless and negligent behavior when it comes to maintaining cleanliness. In fact, most of the debris that is accumulated near beaches and holidays are solely done by the holidaymakers who fail to realize how much of a hindrance these practices later can harm us. There are billions of tourists traveling across the globe, some of whom trash garbage and walk away which eventually results in growing landfills. Therefore, we need to follow proper hygienic practices whenever we go traveling so that we can do our bit to help to preserve the beauty of the planet. Also, we need to follow the rules while visiting the places of heritage and thus help in preserving the relics of history.

Here are a few steps that you can consider while traveling:
1) Carry a bag to hold garbage:

The most important thing that you need to consider while traveling is the disposal of garbage. Especially in places where you do not have bins to dispose of trash, it would be wise to take garbage bags along with you. It is a common habit in Asians to dispose the trash on the way while traveling. This has to be stopped. It is because of this that several places of national heritage have lost their luster and are facing ruins. The plastic bags have to be necessarily avoided and shouldn’t be discarded on the way. Instead, take cloth bags along with you. Also, educate the other family members also to do the same. Organic and inorganic wastes must be separately kept in bags for proper disposal.
2) Public transport/bicycling:

If you consider going on short trips, then you can sure use public transport. Instead of taking your vehicles and spending lavishly on the fuel, try taking the public transport. This would not only save the costs but will help you reduce the carbon footprint. Otherwise, you can even take a bicycle with you if you wouldn’t wish to spoil the fun by taking the public transport. Another best technique to prevent pollution is by carpooling. You can choose a bigger car that is spacious enough to accommodate all your friends/family members when going on a trip. This would help you in avoiding the usage of multiple vehicles and thus reduce the expenses incurred in traveling. If you are traveling long distances, you can even consider the travel by trains. Furthermore, bicycling is the best way to have fun while traveling. It will also help you in having those well-toned legs that you always wished to have. The joy of cycling while the breeze pushes against your face is indeed a unique feeling.
3) Green hotels:

When you travel far, make it a point to book one of the green hotels. These places follow strict new methods and also have an excellent waste management system. They use reusable cutlery and follow green techniques for discarding the wastes. Furthermore, most of the green hotels follow the green building standards. Environment ethics is a need of the hour, and we need to practice everywhere be it, at homes or hotels. Therefore always prefer staying at a suitable green hotel to have an enjoyable time as a holidaymaker.
4) You will need water:

No matter how near or far your travel destination is, you definitely would need a decent amount of water in your bags. But, always carry a reusable water bottle and not plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are difficult to be discarded, and you might end up polluting the environment sooner or later. Furthermore, there are also certain purifying water bottles available in the market. You can even try those to avoid having traces of germs in the water you drink. Steel water bottles are the best to be taken on any journey.
5) Save energy:

This is the most important thing that you need to remember especially during your stay in a hotel. Always turn off the lights and switch off the appliances when not in use. Don’t keep your laptops in standby mode. If you do not require the usage of any appliances or electronic devices, just turn them off. Do not open the refrigerator now and then. Turn off the air conditioners when you do not need them. At least, try to do your bit in saving energy and encourage others also to do the same.

6) What you must eat:

Always consume food that is locally grown. Even if you prefer to dine at any restaurant, then choose the ones that use locally grown food. It would always help in saving your expenses and give you the very essence of local tastes.
7) Reuse the bed sheets / towels:

While your stay at the hotel, don’t change bed sheets and towels on an everyday basis. Instead, reuse them and do not wash them now and then. This way you can save the water that goes for the washing purpose and also save energy required in the washing. Try to maintain cleanliness in the room as much as possible so that you may not have the need to wash/clean your belongings time and again.
8) Take a light package:

It is always preferable to take a light baggage along with when you go to any travel destination. This will reduce the expenses you incur in transporting your baggage. Also, you save a lot of energy in transportation. This will make the travel speedier, and the transport becomes more efficient with lower fuel costs. Avoid packing any heavy items or unnecessary items that you can do without. Moreover, by packing unwanted things, you may also lose your valuables or other such great goodies. So make sure that you take only the ones that are needed and leave the rest at home.
Traveling green is fun, healthy and equally pleasurable. You just need to practice some of the Eco-friendly techniques listed above and jump-start your journey with fun and frolic!

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